Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rom dirty Valentines Day fan art by Carolyn Main

I just discovered a new illustrator through some random fan art she did that I liked for Rom spaceknight. It turns out out she's from the Portland area which I also happen to like. She's also pretty cute too with a biting sense of humor. Why aren't there any chicks like this around the S.F. Bay Area?

  hey Randomnerd this gal reminds me a lot of you : )


  1. That picture of ROM so damn pimp!!!!!

    And now that you mention it, she does kinda remind of Random. Although I don't know her humor well enough, I'd say Random's funnier. And no she didn't pay me to say that...well not in actual $ anyways;)

  2. I was just about to say I love her dress! And that was without either of you guys remarking on the resemblance. Her hair does look a lot like mine, actually. But her artistic talents far outstrip me in any field. I love the valentine. I would send that in a mechanical heartbeat. In fact, I think I'll right click and stow it away for next year. I have a few friends I know that will appreciate it.
    @ Dale, Thank you! I'll have the monopoly money in the mail by Tuesday. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I just watched the trailer to her show, and I have clubs just like that. I also run down stairs and flash statues. :P

  4. Ha Rom Never had it so good no wonder he's chillin Ha Love it!!

    1. he might have had something different to say about that after both he and Brandy were human again : )

  5. Nice, 'pimp my super-hero'! Coming this fall to Fox. Love the card, wicked idea and hopefully she expands down more of these ideas.