Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Someone over at Plaistallions really likes ROM

This photo turned up last week for the New Years Eve posting on Plaidstallions but in general I've noticed how Rom has been this reoccurring theme on that blog. Now of course as expected there's a fair amount of postings devoted to the Parker Brothers doll including stuff having to do with it's marketing campaign at the time.  But they also do a series of pod casts called Pod Stallions in which each posting for a new episode has some kind of specific art work for that episode's topic. They had a good one recently for the 1980 Flash Gordon movie. Even though I've seen that cheesy flick a million times over the years that pod cast still brought back some great memories. But regardless of the episode topic they always have ROM in the episode art work theme:
1/11 update: speaking of podcasts check out what just turned up for Rom # 8 and 9
For those of you who are fans of Bill Mantlo's work on Cloak & Dagger


  1. i'm gonna open up the comments on this one. thanks to and early departure time from my first job and some lite traffic today i was bale to swing by the library on my way to my other job today so that i could at least publish this posting that i wrote before my internet problems last weekend. i think i may have the problem figured out but i won't be able to work on it until i get some breathing space in my God forsaken work schedule right now. until then i'll check in here when ever i can.

  2. I'm checked them out, per your suggestion, and I dig em. They bring the fun back in blogging, even if its old Mego dolls. God bless 'em:)

  3. Cool page.ROM,the black hole,Dr.Who star wars and more.I dig this stuff.thanks for posting!

  4. ~Oh, jebus-flippin'-christo! THIS is what I need- ANOTHER podcast to listen too! Thanks a lot, man!!!
    Okay, let's see- Timey Wimey TV will be on hiatus until the next season of Doctor Who starts, so... I can fit it in after TESD, all Kevin Smith's podcasts, and The Joe Rogan Experience... but before Geek Juice Radio, Traveling Through The Bronze Age, and Comic Book Club. Damn it- when will I sleep? Fuck, I forgot about Radiodrome......

  5. ah yes i found a free computer here today again at the library during my precious small window of free time. my tax dollars at work indeed. glad you guys dig this, that's what blogs are for to share new stuff that you feel compelled to check out in spite of not having enough time as it is in life.