Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cool custom figure and hot cosplay video

Just wanted to thank the anonymous commentator in the last posting for bringing this to my attention. I'm pretty sure I've seen this custom before but this version has a shinier coat of paint and that cool rocket pod effect. But the real reasons I posted this here, one is that there's only a couple days left on the ebay sale for any one who's interested in it and two the seller really went balls out on the display photos (good marketing!). A couple of the photos feature a Terrax figure along side the Rom custom and I love the font that "spaceknight" is written in. 

Sorry folks no new fan art worth displaying has turned up in recent days but here's another sort of eye candy worth sharing and this video also has some good laughs.


  1. Ohhh, I thought it was a new vid for a sec there! I love Greg- dude is SO fucking funny. He makes me want to try cell-phone crashing... but I'm not charming enough- I'd probably just get punched in the face.

    That ROM figure is INCREDIBLY bad-ass, though! Terrax don't stand a chance! That paint-job totally sells it. Not a 150 bucks sells it... but, it's nice.

    1. yeah he is, i also love the way the comments turn up in the video as he's clowning them that's a really nice touch.

  2. Wow! That custom ROM completly made my day! it´s breathtaking!!

  3. just a little over one day left on the auction and there's 4 bids with it being at $204 now. i'm really curious how this auction is gonna end.

  4. Very nice custom from this guy and very clever way to post it for sale. It looks kick ass. I think i see a tigershark that is also killer for sale by this guy.

  5. That video was hilarious. Now....


  6. Man, that guy is awesome and those interviews are so awkward that it's hilarious