Saturday, January 24, 2015


Ya know when nothing good comes my way in terms of good ROM related fan art for a while I get kinda antzy and just say to my self what the Hell I'll just do something myself. If I had the time I would do a series of fan art pieces that have ROM making some sort of current pop culture one liner as seen in the previous posting. Unfortunately I'm going to be having a lot less free time starting next week as I embark on a new routine with work and such matters which will force me to curb my time on the internet. Anyways, for the time being I hope you all like this latest fan art, it's loosely based on Marvel Two-In-One issue 99 so it's something of a homage piece.

I know you've all seen the digital fan art above but when I by chance came across this Saturday morning NBC cartoon house ad in one of the Crsytar back issues I recently read I just wanted to put em together in a posting.

Jan. 30th Update: By chance I just stumbled across this little known ROM related Easter Egg hiding in plain sight for nearly 6 years now. There's a certain irony here I happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area which is hippie dip shit central and I just finished my first week of a 12 week CDL (commercial drivers license) class course  . . .


  1. Thing was deff one of Marvel's biggest 80's stars thanks to John Byrne and Marvel Two-In-One. Really likin' how you drew him here to. So many get his size wrong. He's not The Hulk, and you show that here. Nice job mate!

  2. Beautifully done. I agree about the size thing that Dan said. The Thing was a tough Rocky dude, not an oversized hulk buster. That's what made those Hulk match ups so interesting. And your overall color and composition is just spot on.
    I love those old house ads. It's what makes reading the old actual comics so much more satisfying than reading the digital counterparts. You get much more of a sense of context.

  3. Dan
    Alan David and Mike Zeck are among the great artists who have done justice to The Thing over the years but you might be right John Byrne may well be the definitive artist for the character. in regards to his stature in Marvel Two-In-One #99 the last panel shows ROM and Ben standing next to each other from a level perspective and clearly ROM is nearly a head taller.

    seems we're all the same page here and once again it goes to show you that indeed size matters : ) thanks again for the Crystar issues i dropped em off at the post office on Friday.

  4. That Marvel Two-In-One is one of the last ROM related comics that I bought. It was a fun series and you did a great job paying homage to it.

    1. thanks Viz, that issue is a must for anyone looking to complete their ROM collection it not only ties in to the Firefall armor legacy but also later to the Wraith War conclusion (Fantastic Four #277).

  5. You need one of those bumper stickers for whatever truck you start driving. Awesome Easter egg. I hope the testing is going well.