Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why our pal Sal left ROM in his words

Greatest and smoothest of The Spaceknights
So just yesterday I bought online from TwoMorrows Publishing a copy of BACK ISSUE #32 (last posting) but unfortunately #16 was only available in digital format. The reason why I wanted that one too was because of another great article it had with Sal Buscema and Jackson Guice in which we find out in Sal's own words why he left ROM which was a tragic moment in the anals . .oh wait I meant to say annals of Marvel 80s history . . .

Back Issue mag. #16
You can read more of the article here . . .

Jan. 27 Update: Just got my copy of BACK ISSUE #32 in the mail this past weekend and it's a real humdinger! There's much more in the article then what you see in the online preview and worth every penny since it only cost me  just a bit over $8 with A+H and tax. This issue is a must have for ROM, Bill, Sal and Al Milgrom fans here's an excerpt from my published copy.

Back Issue mag. #32


  1. Man, I'm kind of sad to hear that was the reason he left the book. That combination was so strong I really wish it would have went on longer.
    Thanks for sharing this find though.

  2. Makes sense that ROM's chillin' at the after-concert party with a groupie.

  3. Vis.
    i'm afraid rather it be a great comic book production team or rock band artistic differences resulting in a parting of ways is an old story.

    ROM may be a cyborg but he's still enough man for a hot spaceknight groupie.

    1. He's hot enough for an entire comicon panel of groupies.
      Plus, he's got good taste. Red heads. Curly hair.
      No matter how amicable a working relationship can be, the slightest miscommunication can screw it up, especially if ego and creative temperament get wrapped up in it. It's a shame, yes. But it had to happen sooner or later. I'm glad he doesn't seem to be just bashing Bill left and right and raising holy hell about it.

    2. apparently on Galador rumor has it that Earth girls are easy.