Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Astonishing Tales 2009 One Shot starring Sabra part 1 of 3

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Over the past few years there's been a handful of obscure random single issues I've been on the look out for. In recent months I've been able to get my hands on just about all of them from discount back issue boxes except for this one. Couldn't find it online either as far as hard copies go but a friend of mine who had a marvel.com account was able to hook me up with a digital copy so now at least I was able to read the entire story as opposed to just some of the random clip art found here and there all over the web. I really wanted to make this story available in a more complete format for any Sabra fans out there so I'm going to make this 3 part posting series.
First off, as you can see the art work is nothing short of amazing thanks to Brazilian artist Adriana Melo. But aside from that it's very interesting about who the writer is. Matt Yocum was actually a US Air Force liaison to the Israeli Air Force and has spent quite a bit of time in Israel over the years. And obviously he's also a writer and a big comic book fan. In a nut shell, the story takes place at a diplomatic function in Jerusalem in which Sabra runs into her old friend Ronit who in turns introduces Sabra to her daughter Yael. As an important side note in the story it turns out Sabra and Ronit's fathers served in the Israeli air force back in the day. Notice how in the flash back panel Sabra is featured in her original costume (but with her early 90s hair style)? As you can see from the clip art above Yael is having some anxieties about her impending military service for which Sabra proceeds to give her a pep talk of sorts.

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The story has some nice touches to it such as the Old Testament references that even non religious folks should be able to pick up easily as Sabra faces this Pacific Rim style Hydra robot.

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In the story of David and Goliath every body knows how the young King David brought down the Philistine warrior Goliath with his sling but David also decapitated him which may not be as commonly known. That's just what you did in those days after you take down a mother fucker.

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Sabra's disposition during her captivity with Hydra mirrors another Hebrew fable from the Old Testament although in Sabra's case things didn't end nearly as tragically but we'll get into that in part 2 of this blog posting mini-series.


  1. So apparently Action Man, a character from Hasbro's toy franchise of the same name, is going to show up in ROM #0 (He is also getting a comic spotlight but thats not the point)


    Character crossovers are nothing new to comics, and certainly not to ROM, but still, it seems really early to be inserting characters from other storylines. Its not even issue #1 yet...

    Im just worried they will over-integrate ROM into other stuff, like Hasbro will do when they try and put ROM into GI Joe films...

    Marvel (usually) let ROM do his own thing and incidentally have some heroes help him out with some wraiths and such.

    1. Action Man into Rom zero issue and Rom into G.I.JOE films? It all seems rather unreal but i'm guessing that action man bit is some kind of separate back story. Anyways, I'm trying not to think about the IDW Rom reboot in case you may not have noticed from my recent postings. Right now I'm just think of the advanced tickets and reserved seating my wife and I have for Batman vs Superman saturday night. And then there's the Avengers Civil War trailer with SpiderMan at the end of it! I'm hoping I kinda forget about FCBD until the day of and just wander down to my LCS and find myself pleasantly surprised with the Rom zero issue. Not that I'm holding my breath for that.

    2. There was a January preview of ROM #0 released on Previewsworld.com, remember the one that first showed IDW ROM (it's a little longer but that's how I differentiate him instead of RINO) walking out of a crater, and it also had the back cover of the comic, which looked like the cover of an Action Man story. From that I'd agree with Shlomo that ROM #0's going to be a flip-book with two separate stories. *However*, there IS a future crossover of the two characters already in the works, which seems to have them facing a familiar foe...??? Scroll down on this page: http://yastagram.com/u/johnroyleart/ (I think this is also our first good look at the IDW Neutralizer?) It looks like I'll have infinitely more fun checking out this kind of crossover, or Micronauts!Micronauts!Micronauts!, than the (?)inevitable(?) IDW ROM cameos on or in a My Little Pony comic...