Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sabra by Dann Phillips!

Mozel Tov! Every body raise your glass Dann and I just had a baby. But in this case the "baby" came in the form of an upload yesterday on deviant art. Now the baby thing is because I had been pestering Dann for some untold months about doing something with Sabra. The thing is I can always draw something myself (previous post) if I really want to see it but every artist brings some different to a character or scene based on their style and imagination and some times it's just nice to see another artist's interpretation for a change. I hope you all enjoy this it certainly made my weekend.
Nothing new on the ROM front I hadn't really planned on any more postings in the foreseeable future and I'm trying not to think about the new series because I'm burnt out on it already. But since I posted this new Sabra fan art today to give it some more exposure I might as well pass along some other fan art to you. Speaking of strong female characters created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema this is some of the best Starshine fan art out there although The Defenders cover concept doesn't make much sense to me but that aside this is pretty damn good . . .

And finally, here's a color version of that recent Acroyear vs ROM fan art piece which is over all really good although ROM's neutralizer still looks like shit. It really is the proverbial fly in the ointment as the saying goes . . .

March 14th update
Actually there's one more thing Ptor from The Sanctum Sanctorum gave me a heads up about a custom Torpedo that just recently sold on ebay. The seller also had this on deviant art where  he comes off as kind of an asshole but hey whatever.


  1. Beautiful shades of grey, they do this character justice.

  2. I did notice her by Dann Friday and thought of you right away.

    1. now whatever would have given you that idea? i know Victor Hugo Carballo does but do you have a deviant art account?

  3. Wow, $53-bones... Pretty good.

    That Starshine and ROM look sweet as heck!

    You never see a lot of Sabra art... so that's always good. There are certain characters still, even with the over-exposure of everything, that are a treat to find.

  4. Yeah I hear ya on the Sabra fan art, aside from the Sabra fan art just I posted here at the tail end of last month and the beginning of this month. Opposite several over exposed more mainstream characters no less. Oh the irony of it all.