Saturday, March 26, 2016

Astonishing Tales 2009 One Shot starring Sabra part 2 of 3

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So obviously if you were thinking of Samson & Delilah toward the end of the last posting you were right. Samson, who's great strength comes from his long hair is betrayed by Delilah who cuts his hair while he's sleeping. To further debilitate him he is also blinded and eventually put on display by being chained to the pillars of a temple. Thinking he is helpless his enemies party around him and mock him in the process but with his last bit of remaining strength he manages to pull down the pillars he is chained to quite literally crashing the party. Ofcourse this kills Samson but at least he takes his enemies with him.

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I also like the whole concept of Sabra being saved by the Israeli army as opposed to her being sprung by some other superheroes or something like that. It underscores the whole point of her story to Yael about how every body in the security apparatus (from the Israeli Defense Force to Mossad*) of the tiny country of Israel have each others back.

*Mossad, the Israeli secret service that Sabra operates under.

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Next up, the conclusion.


  1. Pretty interesting outfit she's wearing, as opposed to her more traditional one. Good point on how being saved by someone or things other than a fellow superhero is a good change of pace.
    Good to see her period, even if its very sporadically.

    1. Interestingly enough you've left comments before on several past postings that have featured Sabra in this outfit before. Cmon Dale focus... focus.

  2. You sure? Fucking short term memory isn't what it used to be brah;)