Friday, January 28, 2011

Found cool ROM art by Loston Wallace & Tom Raney. Left click on images, almost like 3D!


  1. OOOOOOH! New Wall Art! Happy Birthday To ME!!! Thank you Dave! Gosh I love finding new stuff. I love it when you find new stuff so I don't have to spend hours on the web trolling for gems like these. Especially that one on top. That just blew me back in my seat. That perspective! Although the detail work on the bottom one should not be ignored. Lovely!

  2. i really like seeing comments like this which is why you'll be receiving a door prize in the mail next week Randomnerd :)
    i sure hope these artists come across this posting some day.

  3. Oh, now THESE are fabulously done!
    You consistently find gems that I've never seen... and that is not an easy task.

    Long live ROM BLOG for Non-Dicks!