Friday, January 14, 2011

When goofy ROM art deosn't suck

This is one of those rare times where I've come across some goofy art that I think is actually kinda cool. I mean here we have ROM rendering in 3-D as a Lego figure. It's clever and it's nicely done and quite original. That's the thing about Lego figures, they're not meant to be some sort of well sculptured figurine or anything. The whole Lego look is pretty much iconic these days so if they make a figure out of a favorite character of yours it's more of a novelty then anything else, much like a bobble head doll. The only reason why I didn't name the artist is because I forgot to get it after I copy and pasted the art. You know how it is when you try to back track your steps to find something you found originally by accident on the web. Really pisses me off sometimes. But then again what doesn't?
And that brings me to my next issue. As I was looking at this Lego ROM it reminded me a lot of the way Steve Dikto used to draw ROM's eyes and head. You all out there know of my disdain for the art in ROM during that dark time. I used to practically cringe when turning from one page to another as a kid while reading those issues. I really wanted to know how the story was coming along but I had to deal with panel after panel of ROM looking like . . . well, like a fucken Lego figure as it turns out!
Here's a sample of a blog site I found with an entire page devoted to ROM characters both friend and foe as minis. I'm telling ya, the things we would have no idea of ever existing if it wasn't for the internet huh? Of all the characters I saw on the page I think Gloriole looks the best. Talk about a character that was so under used in the series, what a waste! Much like Darth Maul in that steaming pile of shit called The Phantom Menace. Just a heads up this blog is in Portuguese and as far as I could there was no translation software on it. But you don't need to know Portuguese to look at the art work of course. Although I can think of at least one follower of this blog who will feel right at home at the blog this link will take you to:


  1. The reason Gloriole wasn't used more, besides the fact he was killed in his only appearance, is that Mantlo didn't create him. That story, in ROM ANNUAL #1 (the second story), was written by Steven Grant (and penciled by Greg LaRocque). You might noticed that Grant & LaRocque are also responsible for the second story of ROM #25. I'd assume both of these were inventory stories Marvel had created to fill in should Mantlo & co. ever miss a deadline. I'd assume they used them to fill out those two issues a) since ROM was starting to go in a different direction that made those stories no longer useful as fill-ins and b) (for #25) to up the page count without putting too much more stress on Sal Buscema. Makes you wonder if there are any unpublished inventory Rom stories out there from sometime after those.

    I believe Grant's two stories are the only ones in the entire ROM series not written by Mantlo. (Although Jim Shooter wrote or plotted Rom's origin in ROM #1 (uncredited) and Mark Gruenwald is credited for a "plot assist" in ROM ANNUAL #1 (main story). The only other people that ever got to put words in Rom's mouth were Mary Jo Duffy (PM&IF #73) and Peter David (the cameo in HULK #418). That's pretty amazing for a character that lasted so long in the post-Stan Lee-written Marvel.

  2. Lee, i'm starting to wonder if you've got some people who've worked for Marvel for a very long time tied up in a basement that you water board from time to time in order to extract all this nuanced information from. thanks for the info.

  3. Okay. So now we have to start clammering for a LEGO ROM game. Please Hasbro? Cash in! Lots of money! Those games sell out! Just a mini one! Attach it onto a LEGO Spider-Man that everyone is clammering for!

  4. I love the Lego Rom. It is very cool!

  5. Hi guys, I'm the guilty party behind this image ( I've always had a bit of a soft spot for both Rom and Lego, so decided to combine the two. Thanks very much for the feedback.

    Simon :)