Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Found ROM art that doesn't suck - Part 4

Ok, so by now you all know I've been finding ROM related art on the web that I think is done well. Here are two more examples. On the left we have a pencil sketch done by Scott Chantler. Normally I'm a hard case for wanting to see proper proportions in figure drawing but sometimes exceptions can be made. In the case of this one their are slight exaggerations in the anatomy for dramatic visual effect. It also appears to be a defining aspect of this artist's drawing style. Aside from all that this is cool pose and makes for an all around excellent drawing.
The other piece is by a guy who goes by the name of Supajoe. This piece has a very clean line art style. It's very straight forward and observes pretty much all the principles in what makes a good drawing of ROM. There's just not much of anything to really criticize about it. And i also really like the back ground. It's just a simple scenic askew rectangle. But it really adds something to the over all picture. The first thing that comes to mind is that it adds depth but there's more to it then that. Just try to visualize how it would look if that piece didn't have the background and you'll see what I mean.
And on a minor point I also happen to like how each artist signs their work.


  1. I've always liked guys that put thought into their signing. It shows some class. Mr. Chantler makes me think old school artistry for some reason. Back when the characters used to bend, not necessarily in a natural way, but still not in the contortionist manner of a Todd McFarlane. I don't know if that makes any sense. More like a Kirby? Supajoe obvious knows his dimensions. Although I'd like to see if he can draw something more daring. Ach. Although coming from me that sounds a bit harsh. For all I know he paints murals in his spare time.

  2. just as an after thought for whom ever may come across this posting over time. as long as your not trying to be a dick there's no reason why you shouldn't share your candid thoughts about the work you see on this blog. give credit where credit is due but also in a tasteful manner feel free when you think an artist's work could use some fine tuning.

  3. and again, more awesome fan art. thanks for sharing!