Saturday, March 12, 2011

IKON Greatest of the Spaceknights

I was in that kind of mood today so decided to break out the sketch book and do something. Since IKON has assumed the mantle of Greatest of the Spaceknights I just thought I'd see if she can look the part a little bit more by giving her a logo that shouldn't look at all unfamiliar to ROM fans. That's it for now, but I'll actually have something to talk about in my next posting coming up in a week or so. For Marvel database stats :


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! I'm stealing it. And the spear. Brilliant Dave. Brilliant.

  2. thanks you two. i happen to be at the library right now cause i needed to pick up some shit here. at home i usually use Firefox as my browser but here they have Internet Explorer wich make the blog page look slightly elongated. so as a result the IKON illustration along with everything else looks a bit stretched vertically.

  3. That is really cool mr- and probably the net's first ever IKON fan art!