Thursday, March 17, 2011

More IKON fan art by yours truly & Annihilators# 2 splash page sneak peak

IKON The Inglorious Bastard
I just got done watching that movie. It was a bit long winded but it had it's moments for sure. Bashing the skulls of Nazis into pulp with a baseball bat for kicks sounds like a nice occupation. That was basically the inspiration for this sketch. That and the desire to finally see Ikon fight Dire Wraiths instead of her own team mates for a change. Not to mention how the first issue of Annihilators had more severed body parts then a bowl of Wendy's chili.


  1. Really digging the Ikon art, David.

    And Nick - that's a great cover: dynamic, eye-catching and nicely illustrated.

  2. thanks Iok, i seem to be on a role here when it comes to drawing her lately. it's my day off and it's really shitty weather today so far so who knows i may come up with something else. if you don't have a copy of Annihilators #1 you can Google key words Ikon Spaceknight and hit the image tab. a whole lot of the clip art from that issue will come up from the issue which will allow you to read at least a portion of it online.

  3. Looks amazing.
    And David, she could jogg with that outfit. :P

  4. Heehee...she totally could Aliera. I really like Ikon's look. And I love the spear. Have I mentioned I love the spear? I await with baited breath the review of issue two. And nice sound effect Dave. Exactly what that decapitation would sound like.

  5. thank you ladies. those comments were almost as lovely as the two of you.