Sunday, January 1, 2012

Contacted by Michael Mantlo through Facebook and Youtube for New Year's Eve

As irony would have it I was working on adding color to the lovely Sabra here while putting together this image montage of characters that Bill Mantlo created and co-creating with greats like Sal Buscema & George Perez when I heard my email alert notice letting me know some new stuff was in my inbox.

Obviously it looks like all my hard work and that of those of you who contributed your time and talent to reach out to the Mantlo family this holiday season has finally paid off. Having been contacted by Michael no doubt was the result of the package I sent to him in early December. And I bet some of you thought I was full of it when I said I'd do that huh? So rather it's doing a mitzvah (Yiddish term for good deed) for a well deserving person like Bill or on behalf of my politics I don't mess around when I say I'm gonna do something.

After my reply to his initial comment on Youtube. . .

Both of these email alerts came to me early New Year's Eve day and let me tell this was a great way for me to round out what has other wise been a less then stellar year. The posting I had planned prior to this is getting bumped up a few days for obvious reasons. By the way if you haven't seen the latest ROM video I threw together what the heck are you waiting for?


  1. Never doubted your word David otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to draw the piece you Inspired me to for it!! This is An Awesome way To start the New Year Wow Happy New Year Brother!!! Sharing the love in the hours of need for anyone lifts the heart and spirit and brings Joy even if you don't expect it!!

  2. Excellent!
    Congratulations David!

    A Toast to you for this New Year!
    Of course, my favorite "toast" is buttered rye from my ROM: Spaceknight toaster-head.

  3. Well done, David! Mike is a swell guy and has dealt with a fair share of tragedy, so it was nice that you could do something like this for him and Bill. Keep up the nice work!

  4. thanks for the comments guys i appreciate em. and yes Rick i will keep up the good work perhaps sooner then you think my friend. even today on New Years Day i scored another awesome find to post about which i think i might do in a couple of days.

    aside from that there's more good stuff coming up this month here. in about a week we're going to take an interesting closer look at Forge's neutralizer, you'll also see a little known ROM cameo from the early 80s and well keep following the Hybrid re-appearance when Avengers Academy #24 comes out soon after that.
    the economy still sucks and the rich are still screwing over the poor along with the dwindling middle class. but i can at least make this a happy new year for ROM fans here. and if i can also raise the quality of Bill Mantlo's life even just a bit all the better.

  5. awesome job mate. so glad your efforts were recognised. or as us kiwis would say 'O for oarsome'