Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rare Marvel Team Up 1980s promo poster with one silver spaceknight

I bet most of you haven't seen this before huh? Rest assured this is no photoshop trickery on my part this time this is the real deal. And there's a cool back story behind this Marvel Team Up poster with the ROM appearance but you wont be able to read it here. Follow this link
Newly discovered kick ass ROM fan art will be featured in my next posting soon so stay tuned!

March 14t
h update: Check this out!


  1. This is just to cool its good to have friends that help pass along cool info very nice find!! Thanks ~P~

    1. if you like this you're gonna love the new ROM fan art i will be posting later this week. it has to do with with a certain ultimate cosmic bad ass that ROM managed to out wit at one time hint hint.