Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marvel 80s house ads & promos with ROM appearances part 1 of 3

By legendary artist Sal Buscema 1979

Special thanks to Gary Martin "a Rom curator" for providing me with these forgotten house ads and for the great memories they evoked. If Steve Dikto's run on the series caused you as much anguish during your child hood as it did mine then you're gonna wanna see what I have coming up tomorrow. BE HERE!


  1. I remember those ads.

    In fact, EARLY in ROM's published history, when the earlier (bottom one) was running (and the first ad where he's flying right AT the reader) I had a project to make a metal box in my junior high shop class, and I painted those poses on the inside of the 2 boxes that I made.

    As for the latter ad (the top one) it always upset me that Ditko refused to draw either Spider-Man or Doctor Strange in that issue (where EVERY OTHER HERO makes an appearance).

    He swore never to draw them ever again and he stuck to his word.
    It irks me that we missed a then-modern rendition of his two most famous Marvel characters, but I have to respect the man for it.

    As for tomorrow's post...
    I'M HERE!


  2. I remember that big full pager! That was my first issue of ROM. I still remember him firing his gun through the satelitte and soaking the whole planet. Now that's a gun!

  3. Looking at Rom with the other heroes of Marvel, it would be good to see him show up in the rebooted Marvel U.