Monday, July 23, 2012

More Rom appearances! More awesome fan art!

I pushed back the posting I had scheduled next in favor of the cool stuff you see before you that fell into my lap yesterday.

I just want to thank Ptor from the Sanctum Sanctorum for providing me with this clip art from Marvel Age magazine Annual #1. But that's not all . . .

This clip art from the Incredible Hulk 374 also came from Ptor. There's more then meets the eye here. Those are actually skrulls in the process of torturing Rick Jones by impersonating some of the Marvel heroes Rick has been a side kick to over the years. And  . . .

By J.K. Woodward
 on top of all that Ptor also directed me to this amazing pen n' ink illustration featuring two of some of Bill Mantlo's greatest creations. Although both Rom and The Micronauts inhabited the Marvel Universe it was impossible for them to inhabit the same comic book issue because of the respective property licensing Marvel had with both Parker Brothers and Mego. Too bad, it would have been epic but at least we have this awesome fictitious cover which is pretty epic on it's own.

Ready for another 80s time tunnel trip with ROM? Be back here in a few days for those house ads & promos I bet you forgot about.


  1. that cover looks great! it would have been such a great cross over issue.

  2. Hmmm, definitely an unusual take on Rom's armor from the Hulk issue. Definitely better than anything Ditko did. As for the Micronauts cover that's some pretty good artwork for fan art. I do have a question though. Wasn't "Bug" a Micronaut property too? Somehow I seem to recall him being in one of the Cosmic stories a year or two ago fighting with StarLord.

    1. both Bug and Marionette were the two members of the Micronauts who were not based on the toys. so like the Dire Wraiths for example Marvel is free to use them as much as they want. although as far as i can tell Marvel never given an explanation as to how Bug has crossed over from being a character from the Microverse into a regular character of the more mainstream universe in Marvel.
      given your justifiable disdain for Dikto's work on ROM you're gonna like my next two postings starting either later today or tomorrow.

  3. I have to say it... "Dammit Jim!!" Man have you been busy, this is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!!! I remember Bug and his dealings outside the Mircronaut universe and thought it odd as well but cool loved Bug! Love this take on events that could have been though Nice one Dave!!!