Saturday, July 7, 2012

ROM Spaceknight by Marat Mychaels colorized

Ok so the Graphics Whiz guy (see comment section in previous posting) has been bugging me for a while to add some color to the art work I've been featuring on this blog for a while now. Unfortunately I don't have near enough time or patience to color all the black n' white ROM fan art work I come across as you might imagine. But once in a while I'll just start playing with something in photoshop while eating or in the middle of a boring phone call and before you know it I manage to crank out something pretty quickly that looks alright.
This one by Marat Mychaels was an especially ideal piece to color because it features very minimal shading and is mostly made up of finely defined line work. Plus the open white space in the background and on Rom's armor was also very ideal for coloring in photoshop. So Grpahics Whiz Guy, this better get you off my back for a while at least  : )


  1. I think that might be one of my favorites, Dave. Good use of the red. Really punches it up in the right spots.

  2. Nice work Dave - you really made him look more metallic than even the Silver Surfer!

  3. Damn good job Dave. I havn't even attempted to color in photshop yet, sad isn't it? You pulled off the metallic work just fine and accented the piece perfectly with the shade of red you used. Bang up job brother.

  4. Wow, EXCELLENT work there Master-D. I've dabbled with Corel PhotoPaint some but not near the proficiency to do stuff like that.

    Now about being on your back.....Even ATLAS wouldn't be able to keep my weight on HIS shoulders! LOL

    1. it's not that difficult really. it's knowing what tools you have a available in the programs and understanding how they work. it took me about 45 minutes to basically get this done. but after wards i spent the next couple hours fine tuning it here and there while doing other stuff around the house. glad you like it.

  5. Brilliant artist sweet coloring man wow Dave this turned out just right a buddy let me use his laptop to post! This was worth the time just as you took the time to color it!

  6. Outstanding. Suddenly I feel like buying any graphic novel starring this majestic, metallic guy.