Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hybrid from the OHOTMU and some good news from Rockaway New York

By Brian Ahern left click to enlarge
Hybrido (Espanol), don't you just love the way that rolls off the tongue? Just say it with me . . ."Hybrido". So anyways if you remember a couple postings back I said I wasn't going to get the OHOTMU issue featuring the Hybrid bio page. Well as you can see here I had a change of heart. For years now the entries for ROM, The Torpedo and the Spaceknights of Galador from various editions of OHOTMU have been all over the internet. So I thought maybe it was time for the OHOTMU Hybrid profile to takes it's place on the internet too. Having been published in 2006 I'm delighted to see that his history ends right after his encounter with Nate Grey in X-Man #31 which was a great story and far superior to the shit that Marvel came up with this year in Avenger Academy. Just one more reasons why I just stick to back issue bins when I buy comics these days.

Just got this message from Michael Mantlo this morning on Facebook: I only heard from them on Thursday, as their...
Michael Mantlo3:59am Nov 10
I only heard from them on Thursday, as their phones have been out since Sandy hit. The facility came through unscathed, and more importantly, Bill is fine! There was no evacuation, and no loss of power, so life went on pretty much as usual. Thanks for the concern, and for continuing to keep Bill in your thoughts. I am heading up there today, and will gladly convery your best wishes to him for his birthday!


  1. That's wonderful! Thanks for updating us, Dave. I'm so glad he and everyone at the facility came through unscathed.

    And now I can't stop saying "Hybrido" Thanks for that, too. I'm going to be driving my husband nuts.

    1. marriage therapy is one of the many functions of this blog. and speaking of Hybrid if you have any single lady friends who are mutants you might want to refer them to this posting.

  2. As usual man you manage to find the goodies and that is Awesome news about Bill glad it all turned out well for him with no power loss or having to be moved while all that madness with the storm was going on as well!

    Hows things with the ship, still on the water or is that job finished?

  3. Wanted to pop in and say hi, hadn't been in touch for too long and it looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do. I did manage to get some curating done recently & hope to give you a contribution or two soon. Special thanks for the Mantlo updates, keep up the great work!