Sunday, November 25, 2012

New found Rom easter eggs, house ads and more cool stuff

I want to thank Rom curator Gary Martin Jr. for all the tedious and time consuming leg work he did to uncover these little gems of 80s nostalgia. This comes from the first page of Marvel No Prize #1 published in 1983. I can't imagine you'll have much trouble finding the Easter Egg here.  Next up from Gary we have . . .

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 Not including the Parker Brothers full page ad did you know that there were between 7-8 Rom house ad varieties published during the 1980s? However out of all the ones I have seen this one here is the only one I am aware of that didn't feature Rom himself in it. This Micromails page reminded me of something I keep forgetting for some reason I'm always assuming Rom and The Micronauts came out pretty much the same time. Not so, Micronauts #1 debuted January 1979 where as Rom #1 came along in December that year. In a day and age where new comics give me little to look forward to finding stuff like this is more priceless then any gimmick in a Master Card commercial.

Here's something else I also got from Gary a while back but have been holding on to. But I figured this posting is a good a time as any to share this with you all. What you see here is a panel from issue #1 from the Mephisto vs. Fantastic Four mini series published in 1987. The narrating here is by Mephisto himself and he's making a direct reference to Fantastic Four #277 which as many of you know had a very direct Wraith War cross over story line. As the World Merge came closer to completion Dire Wraith sorcery increased in strength which in turn Mephisto was able to draw upon. But the banishing of Wraith World by Rom's neutralizer turned the tide of war against both the Dire Wraiths and Mephisto's battle with the FF.


  1. Ha Ha found him a nice little tidbit of info too!!

    1. thanks for not giving it away :) by the way everybody what's with you people and that 3D Rom posting? that's some of the coolest and unique Rom fan art i've seen in a long time and not a peep out of any of you except from zhaanman here.

  2. Ha! Love these composite posts. So much great stuff! I need Stan's slippers too (but in shoe variety). I may be over 30, but the amount of times the wrong shoe goes on the supposed 'right' foot is a little embarrassing!