Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Rom return hype or just a homage cameo?

Well here's the latest folks. I'll direct you to the Comics Alliance posting and let you draw your own conclusions about if this article is worth the paper it's printed on  . . so to speak.


  1. Yes! I was just about to send you that link.

  2. Alas... Brevoort was asked if it meant a return for ROM.

    Answer is: "Not at the moment, no."

    From his formspring acct:

  3. Very interesting just the same and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  4. i also came across some other sites that featured this article and they all seemed to garner quite a bit of Rom fandom in the comments section. i think by now it's obvious Marvel not only has picked up on his enduring popularity with comic book fans from the 80s who are still around but that there's also some of that fandom at Marvel it's self. but it seems they still feel like their hands are tied when it comes to having ROM make a real come back. i was thumbing through the Spaceknights reprinted mini-series at a comic shop in S.F. a couple of weeks ago. i half thought about buying it to read just for curiosity's sake but decided against it.