Saturday, December 15, 2012

For you ROM curators my latest $1 box score

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So last night after I got off work I decided to hit a comic shop in Berkeley I haven't been to in a while. While foraging through the $1 bins I came across a copy of Contest of Champions #2
As I often do with 80s Marvel comics that I find in those bins I decided to thumb through it and woe and behold look what I found in the back under some manner of index pages of Marvel super heroes which runs on the last 2 pages of all three issues in this mini-series. Aside from having him listed I think it was pretty cool that ROM is among the relatively few characters that also got a head shot in addition to a listing.
What was also pretty cool is that this issue was co-writen and scripted by none other then, yep you guessed it Bill Mantlo. Also note worthy is that Space Glider (Arcturus Rann of the Micronauts) and The Torpedo also had a listings although unlike Rom who at least had a cameo in this mini-series they never appeared in it as far as I know. Although it certainly wasn't Mantlo who wrote Rom's listing he's described as "carrying a ray gun". . . huh? WTF?

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As a whole I liked the issue as well. Of course it had plenty of action in it but in a way the antagonistic banter between the different nationalities was pretty amusing. Despite the arabian knight's misogynistic and anti-Semitic attitudes he and Sabra have to compete on the same team and by the end of the issue it sorta turns into this "Can't we all just get along" kinda theme.


  1. I've never read Contest of Champions, maybe I should download it and give it a try..

    1. hola Bruce! i'm up way too late again as usual. i think there are three issues in all if you decide to give em a try let me know what you thought.

  2. Man you have the best luck in finding the goods man!! Thanks for the heads up Oh and I found something too check this out!! I'm sharing the link to your blog on his facebook page now!!

  3. Forget reading about it, I've never even heard about Contest of Champions. I'm going to have to check that out now. Thanks for the heads up Shlomo. See, this is why I love what you do. :)

  4. zhaanman, already on it brother!

    Randomnerd, i'm here to serve your every whim and i got something else awesome coming right up!

  5. Good, good find Shlomo. I guess can believe that not everyone's heard about the ol' Contest of Champions mini. But it was the forerunner to Secret Wars and every other big character crossover event that's occurred in Marvel Comics ever since. In the late 90's-early-00's, there was an updated mini-series of the contest, with pretty good match-ups; like Psylocke vs. Iron Man, Human Torch vs, She-Hulk, etc.

    One and two of the more interesting match-ups here for me, were Wolverine vs. Black Panther(w/Wolverine almost killing T'challa and proving how cool Wolverine was right before everyone jumped on the bandwagon) and Daredevil vs. Iron Fist, ninja/kung-fu heaven for those fans:)

    Oh, and yeah, nice that Rom got a bit of a shout-out there. Man, Bill Mantlo was writing just about everything about then, or at least it seemed like it.