Monday, December 10, 2012

Marvel House ad for ROM #72 Secret Wars II tie-in

I though this house ad might make for a nice follow up posting considering my discovery in the Secret Wars II Omnibus as described in the previous posting. So just as a quick reminder The Beyonder in Secret Wars II #4 became aware of the situation Brandy Clark, Rick Jones and Cindy Adams were in and made an appearance in Rom #72 accordingly which forever changed the lives of those 3 characters.  I had actually forgotten about this house ad until Gary Martin Jr. "A Rom curator" sent it to me a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Is this why Secret Wars II doesn't get reprinted? I mean, I know it really wasn't all that great, compared to Secret Wars the original, but you really have a hard time finding the second one. I could be wrong. But I've never seen it.

    1. indeed it wasn't all that great. the best thing about that series was the cross overs into other titles. in particular the titles you may have been into at the time. as for back issues they're some what sparse out there but as to why i couldn't say. i actually saw the Secret Wars issue featured in this house ad in a dollar bin at my local comic shop about a month ago. i'm sure it's still there but i already have the important Rom related panels in electronic form so i was like heh.

    2. I know I started to read SWII once upon a time when I was a kid. I honestly can't remember if I ever finished it. And I know Dad didn't have all the related tie-ins. That tells you something right there.