Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mars Attacks, but ROM and The Enterprise stand ready

A big thanks to Lee and Zhanmann for bringing this to my attention. I don't think we're any closer to seeing a ROM come back today anymore then we were 6 months or a year ago. But I gotta tell ya all this ROM return hype has certainly not been with out it's benefits. That being of course some really nice new kick ass fan art and you all know how much I love to post that stuff here. Thank the Gods of Galador no legalities can keep us from doing that at least. This latest piece comes from J.K. Woodward check out the step by step process of how he put this together:

Speaking of Rom and Star Trek this sequence from ROM #43 always reminded me of of Star Trek 4 when Spock mind melded with the whales up in Sausalito which happens to be less then an hour from where I live. After having helped the Submariner defeat a Dire Wraith plot against Atlantis Rom comes across a pod of whales en route to the surface and decides to use his universal translator to interpret their songs.
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As Rom flies off he laments the shitty situation whales are in on Earth with all the hunting. Back in the early and mid 80s the whole whales as an endangered species issue was much more in the public conscience. This is why I often draw analogies between ROM and Optimus Prime. Aside from being great warriors they both possessed this legendary respect for all living things. But Rom came first. He is the first and greatest of the spaceknights.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I would LOVE to see this movie! Or the graphic novel! I really, really, really, really, really, really, want this on my bookshelf!!! Tell me you can't just see ROM vs. the Romulans as one of the biggest kickass storylines EVER!

  2. I'm glad to contribute my friend, when I went to my facebook page and saw James post on Rom especially since I had your page open at the same time I had to laugh! It was fated to be my friend! Wow I'm lovin the piece with Rom and the whales I don't remember that story!

  3. Not to pick the nits, but it's...TREK, not Treck.

    I don't think Treck is even a word.

    But seriously, it's STAR TREK... quite possibly the MOST important SPACE story EVER (aside from ROM and out own attempts at interstellar expansion, vis-a-vis; NASA).

    Now, if you want to botch STAR WARZ, feel free.
    That franchise sucks anyway.


    1. well certainly the last three films seriously sucked. thanks for the heads up on the type o and for the b-day greeting i forgot to get back to you on that. by the way you might want to check out Woodward's gallery you might say the Doctor is in the house.

  4. Yes ~P~ he does have a few images of The good Dr Strange or even a Who or two Ha!!

  5. :p

  6. I love that! I never noticed before how ROM's blaster suits so well with the ones used by the Mars Attacks guys but that looks well wicked!

  7. Yeahhhh! Go Rom and the Enterprise!

  8. Yeah, seeing that poster makes we want to see Rom face-off with the Mars Attacks aliens as well. I smell a straight up pwning coming their way if they ever did fight Rom.

  9. IDW has been putting out "artist's editions" of Marvel publishings for a short while now. I don't know the details, but these are reproductions of the original artist's pages in their full size. Somehow, IDW can put these out while they are featuring Marvel properties. Perhaps they could do the same thing with Rom? (Only if the original pages could be collected, of course) I would buy that in a heartbeat!

  10. Was looking through the older post and came across this one. I actually bought this print from the artist J.K. Woodward. He was running a fundraiser for something and was selling these prints along with three others. Bought it for $10 and it came in signed and numbered 9/100. So it's now hanging on my wall in a frame.