Sunday, August 11, 2013

Viva La Terminator!

Well I can tell this is some sort of bust sculpture as opposed to a part of a fully body costume (DAMN!) based on the information provided but if you have any more questions about this I'm afraid I don't have any answers. If you happen to know French better then I do you're welcome to help the rest of us out on this one:

Obviously here we have an index page to an issue of Strange Magazine that includes a reprinted ROM story but as far as I can tell that index page features some original art and it's pretty damn sweet I wish I knew who the artist was. This is pretty refreshing since usually the Strange art that was featured was always some kind of inferior derivative of original art from the ROM series: A Spanish publication did something similar but they generally ended up with better results:

Same goes for this Terminator fan art which I also found on some other site full of nothing but French writing. Normally I don't like fan art that's mostly made from referenced clip art but this is an exception it's a well composed montage piece it has nice balance to it. So with that I say Viva La Terminator!

Now here's something cool that has nothing to do with the French. Some body shared this with me from the Bedrock City Comic Co. face book page along with the following information: So we decided one year to buy a booth at a convention and sell nothing but Rom the Space Knight comics and stuff. It amused us so we just went with it! We had 13 long boxes of Rom, Rom original art, Rom action figures, CGC Rom comics, Rom T-shirts and more. Here's some pics from our show as "Just Rom Comics"

Well that's it for the moment, next up well see if a trip to my LCS (local comic shop) isn't in vain like it was last Wed. was as we find out if Infinity #1 is worth picking up or more bullshit.


  1. That top image looks like the start of a pretty decent costume to me, or who knows maybe even the worlds coolest mailbox. Best photo though is the ROM gang - it's awesome when comics go from being a great medium, to one that brings folks together!

  2. That "costume" isn't a costume, but a full life-size model (one of several sculptures) by a woman who used to have a ROM fansite (called "ROM AND ME").

    We've discussed her before, and what happened to her MIGHT be why you named your blog the way you did.
    If you recall (and I'll retell it for anyone who is unaware) there was a site where (for all appearances) it seemed that a guy was professing his love for ROM.

    There was a crudely drawn comic wherein this person finds a nearly-lifeless ROM on a spaceship and cradles him (like the Pieta') and cries over him.
    Also on the site was a "corner box" illo atop the page with a rudimentary drawn (looked like in crayon) portrait of this person with ROM standing behind, and his big arms resting around the persons neck and chest.

    Since the drawings were unclear that this was a WOMAN (it looked like a guy, I have to agree) every troll on the web dog-piled on the "you are gay" bandwagon, and drove this poor sensitive woman to closing down her site and vanishing from the web.

    Now, all her works (the sculptures, full-size models, and the perfect, ROM-shaped handmade silver jewelry) are lost to time (unless, like the French site shows, someone saved the images to their own harddrives).

    A shame.

    Anyway, don't go too nutty caring who drew that STRANGE index page.

    It's obviously heavily traced from other sources.

    SPIDEY is a ROMITA / ANDRU looking piece.

    ROM is mostly from the cover of ROM # 11 (with some changes).

    Both Daredevil and Iron Man are in the Gene Colan style.

    So... a nice composite, traced and tweaked by someone with obvious talent, but not an original piece in the truest sense.

    As far as ROM COMICS DAY goes... that is AWESOME!

    1. By the way, just now, in a futile attempt to find ANY more traces of the "ROM and ME" site, I came across THIS old post of yours where we discussed it in the comments section...

    2. That is FUCKED UP. I did not know about any of that... I've been catching up (thanks for the links!)
      -What the fuck is wrong with people? Even if it WAS a dude- ROM DOESN'T CARE IF YOU LIKE DICK! But if YOU ARE a dick: VREEE!!! -Banished to Limbo.

    3. Found it, my friend- using TheWayBackMachine: BOOM!!!

    4. ~Just click on Stories and then The Dream.

    5. Can't click on much here... but you can see more of her stories were posted- Man, it's always so weird looking at pages that don't exist anymore.

    6. HOLY SHIT! i'll get back you on this as soon as i've had a chance to more thoroughly go through the page that link take you too. but at a glance i'm a tad bit disturbed . . .

    7. Sorry- sorry, me again- but I found the jewelry and more pics of the bust: and and that image with his arms around her:

    8. that was some great research you did K.o.T good job. i'm at a loss for words on those links i'm still trying to process it all. since there's some gender ambiguity wit this person i'm just going to call em by their handle Ceoria. so now we know who did that bust sculpture. i thought the jewelery was ok but what appeared to be a bronze Rom figurine was pretty cool. now as for the Rom story that came from Ceoria's dream i thought maybe that was something Ceoria might have wanted to keep to him/herself. we all have some pretty weird dreams no doubt but we usually don't disclose those dreams on the internet that was kinda askin for trouble by posting it. i bet Brandy Clark wasn't too happy about it either. either way it's a shame Ceoria was seemingly chased off the net. i think i'll add a little something special for Ceoria on Wed's posting.

    9. King of Thessaly & David "Shlomo",

      Nice work KoT!

      I had done the same thing a few years back and managed to snag most of the images then - and also found more personal stuff and links to things which allowed me to pretty much find Ceoia.

      At the time I opted to leave her be, since I figured the grief she received from web-commenters might have left her not wanting more contact (even if it might be positive).

      Then, I'm ashamed to say... I forgot all about it as my own life got me in a strangle-hold.

      Then, when I went to use WayBackMachine not too long ago, I couldn't find ANYthing.

      Turns out I must have screwed up the url.

      Good to know that the stuff is still floating around.

      However, I think enough time has passed for me to make contact - and extend a welcoming hand.

      Of course, even though my own blog has a ROM factor to it, THIS is the BLOG FOR ROM FANS WHO AREN'T DICKS - so, perhaps THIS might be the forum for her to make her return.

      I'll contact her and see if she has any interest.

    10. funny you should say that ~P~ extending a welcoming hand to get Ceoia back into the fold will be at least a portion of my next posting.

    11. Yet again reality trumps fiction here, and I am now looking more forward to knowing if Rom Johnson is doing well than getting Infinity #1. (read: I pray she IS doing well.)

    12. At one point I had an e-mail address for a close friend of Ceoia. If you guys can't find her, I can try that, but it's probably outdated by now.

    13. give it a shot what the Hell. just be sure to include a link to this blog in your email. if that email address is still in use tomorrow's posting will especially get Ceoia's attention.

    14. You got my attention.

      Hello all. I would like to thank you for inviting me to this blog. I have been enjoying it for about 2 years, lurking; until now. The art you find is fantastic, you post are good. I enjoy reading the comments as well.

      I do hope the past stays in the past, however, I would like to clear some things up. "The dream" wasn't a real dream, but part of the overall story. All of it is fiction.

      I was me who built the life sized bust of ROM. It was patterned, cut and built from construction foam, used in the insulation of buildings.

      The Bronze piece was built using the 'lost wax" method. It is 12 inches tall, weighs 12 pounds and is fully articulated at every joint. It was sculpted from scratch using a special wax used in metal casting.

      The jewelry was made from paper and covered with silver mylar. The gold one is made from paper and covered with gold Leif and painted with a clear coat.

      The stories in the Altmarvel website was done to keep ROM's memory alive after I read the "Spaceknights" series in which he was killed. There are two visions. One telling his origins and another, telling a story of his return as a Spaceknight.

  3. BTW, that new image you're using atop your page is fan-freakin'TASTIC!

    At first I thought the artist (Marco Mueller) seemed influenced by Neal Adams and Claudio Castellini (with maybe some Alan Davis tossed in), but when I went to his deviantArt page (VERY proper of you to give the link there via clicking on the image, BTW...) I see that the artist, while EXCEEDINGLY talented, seems to be doing riffs on whatver artist he is using for reference.

    So, a Galactus image that seems taken from a Claudio Catellini piece, looks like Claudio Castellini (and also backs my belief that Claudio was an influence in the ROM illo).

    A Byrne inspired Galactus/Firelord piece, looks a little like Byrne (as if inked by Claudio Castellini - although, I gotta say, this Marco guy DOES do a good Claudio riff).

    A Pat Oliffe / Mark Bagley 1990's-looking Spider-Man looks like those two guys'.

    I could go on...
    Harley Quinn (called Arlequina on the image) is obviously using Kevin Nowlan's style as inspiration.

    A Batman piece that looks like it was penciled by Bart Sears and inked by Michael Bair

    Shanna the She-Devil is obviously a Frank Cho inspiration... and on it goers.

    Still, I mean NO disrespect to Marco.
    Just LOOKING at the artwork, it is OBVIOUS that he has buckets of talent!
    His inking style is awesome!
    (And isn't that how all artists start out? Riffing on their favorite artists work and learning from it?)

    Marco DOES have a great sense of composition, and his backgrounds (even if possibly referenced) are
    top notch.

    I wish him well!
    (But HAD to set the record straight.)

    You may now all accuse me of being a trolly-trollerson, wet-blanket.

    (I'm just shocked at how many artist's styles I have tucked away in my head that I was able to easily recognize so many on his pages. Dang... I've read too many comics.)
    Sadly, the only true sense of individual style seems to be from the porno-mag influenced girlie poses. Taken from photos there is no artist's style to emulate, and THAT is where Marco's basic style is used.

    1. that's quite a plethora (today's word) of information you provided for me to respond to but i'll give it a shot anyways. first of all i do remember that ROM fanboy who exiled himself to Limbo wasn't that site called Rom n' Me or something like that? unfortunately when all that shit was going down i didn't even know what blog were much less how much Rom fandom was on the net. good reference catch on that Strange index page although to me that rendering of Rom was different enough for me not to pick up on it. same goes with Mueller's gallery and yes you may be right about the porno mag inspired art work these days. Ed Benes comes to mind mostly on that one.

  4. That is Fan-Tastic from the art work to the life size model ~P~ is referring too truly fantastic!! Such amazing detail and the artwork just stands out what a look!!

  5. Imagine that Life-sized ROM completed... Damn. Such coolness.

    And I agree- the new site-header? PIMP.

    "Just ROM Comics" looks like the greatest booth to come across at a Con! I wish more of those booths were singly focused like that- on one character, or creator- the effort alone to fill the space is impressive. And let's say you were walking along, and for some reason had no idea who ROM was- that shit would make you stop and find out- for sure!

    I dig the pencil sketch- but the only problem I have is that it looks like the little him just punched the big him on the chin...

    1. HA! a punch on the chin how do you see stuff like that i was completely oblivious to that, funny as Hell. saw your other comment too damn straight on that one. even if you're a guy who likes dick you're still welcomed here as just as long as you're not a dick yourself. as for that dude (regardless of his sexual orientation) who got bullied to the point of leaving the net that's really too bad i've wondered for a while now if he knows about this blog. that would be a real shame if he never left a comment here for fear of being messed with again. rest assured not on my watch.

  6. I am so impressed with this blog. The ROM stuff you discover just blows my mind! Ok The bust is absolutely amazing. I've seen paper sculptures of buildings and bridges that were pretty big, but never a life sized ROM! I can't believe the story of the artist. That is just tragic beyond belief.
    I really dig the Terminator drawing as well.
    I thought that ROM only booth was just a dream I had once but now I know better. Great stuff as always!

  7. So the French stuff up top translates as follows:

    you can subscribe for one year
    Editions Lug
    6 rue Emile Zola - 69002 LYON
    LYON A CCP 1418-1489
    Prices France 74F
    North Africa Com-abroad you 86 F
    A subscription will start from the month following the payment
    Attach to any response to a letter a stamped envelope with your name st address writings lisblement
    Manuscripts and drawings sent will not be returned

    Or at least that is how the online translator translated it.
    My apologies if this was already done and I missed it in the comments.

    I'm The Doctor

  8. Wow what a story in reguards to the person who worked on this life size rom. I do hope they can be contacted about this blog and they could know how much their love for rom would be welcome here

    That just ROM comics booth is awesome i wonder how well they did with it .wish i seen that i dont go to conventions but definitely would go to one with a just ROM booth.

  9. That's a horrible story. No one should have to deal with that kind of thing. Especially when all they're doing is expressing their love of a comic book character. People are not just insensitive but downright rude on the internet, and I'm finding it's translating to the real world more and more. I hope you can reach her.

    1. And whoa! That new header just flies right off the screen at you. :) Love it.

    2. click on it and check out the rest of that guy's gallery.

  10. Strange covers were painted by Jean Frisano. No idea for the index page.

  11. Hi all,
    I'm 99% sure that the interior drawing from Strange was done by french artist Jean-Yves Mitton (, who worked for Lug editions under the american-style pseudo "John Milton".
    He created the french super-hero Mikros and drew a story of Silver Surfer (with autorisation from Marvel). He also drew a lot of french covers for Lug (Strange, Nova, etc.).
    Excuse my english, I hope you can understand my writing.