Sunday, April 1, 2018

Avengers Infinity War and the deleted scene you never knew about

Thanos is not the only threat facing Wakanda, this is a still image from a deleted scene in Infinity War. In the scene trump also goes on to say that Wakanda is just another a "shit hole" country.

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Here's a cool photo of some of the smaller transports, freighters and fighters in my rebel fleet collection as seen in the battle of Scarrif from Rogue 1. Did I happen to mention how much I loved Rogue 1? It's the same as with Avengers Civil War I can't see either of those two awesome movies enough times. Oh Infinity War please don't suck!

Now that fan art is the ROM spaceknight we all know and love!
And yes I did hear the news about what will most likely be a ROM in name only movie possibly being in the works as part of a hasbro franchise cinematic roll out. As I said in the comments section in the previous posting in order for a movie like that to have broad appeal for a contemporary cinematic audience it's highly unlikely that it will be the ROM you remember from the 80s. I think the best we can hope for is for it to be a well written sci-fi movie that pays tribute to the comic book series in a thoughtful manner. A armor redesign that didn't totally suck (hint hint idw) would certainly be a step in the right direction.
Oh well I guess we'll just have to wait and see for now. But in the mean time I'm much more concerned about the disturbing reports in regards to a season 2 for Netflix's Defenders which is apparently not likely going to happen. I really think that fucken sucks, among other things I was really hoping to finally see Misty Knight with her bionic arm and a Punisher appearance.

Firefall seems to be a reoccurring theme with my postings lately. Far as I know, this Marvel Two In One issue 99 (1983) tribute art from Bob Hall is the only decent ROM related fan art to show up on the internet for the past month. Basically since my sketch card (see previous posting). But if there's something else out there I don't know about please feel free to let me know about it . . anyone? . . anyone?

So is anybody out there getting tired of me taking swipes at the married but no condom wearing porn star fucken trump on this blog? Or perhaps you're sick and tired of me for still bashing on idw's pathetic ROM reboot? Not happy about my lack of enthusiasm about the prospect of an upcoming ROM movie? Didn't see season 1 of  The Defenders or you did see it and didn't like it? Well then, if the answer is yes to any or all of the above questions then please say hello to my little friend.

April 3rd Update: Somebody today just brought this Marvel 70s tribute fan art to my attention. I had seen it before a couple of years ago or so but kinda forgot about and it for whatever reason and it doesn't really ever turn up whenever I do random internet searches for ROM related things. This is actually a cropped version of the original which included Deathlok along with ROM and Omega The Unknown (who!?) as you see here but I always felt like Deathlok never really worked in the scene for what was other wise a well done fan art piece. Compare this cropped version with the original and tell me if I'm making any sense here . . .

April 5th Update: These two beauties (Valkyrie form Thor Ragnarok and Misty Knight ofcourse) just showed up in the past couple days in the mail box. They're going to make a great addition to the Black Panther figurines displayed in my wife's office at work I can't wait to surprise her with them. Oh and by the way I also just found out today that Misty Knight will debut in Cage season 2 with her bionic arm so that certainly eases the pain of the bad news for The Defenders.


  1. A few Squad related items you might take a look at Copra an indie comic tribute by Michel Fiffe. Also an online first dc comic Suicide Squad hell to pay written BY Jeff Parker former thunderbolt writer for marvel.

    1. The Fife Squad remix has been around for a while now I thought it was kinda cool conceptually but poorly executed in terms of the final product. Haven't seen Hell to Pay in full yet just various clips on YouTube.

  2. I will remind you all what I think of the Reboot. Robots have articulated fingers. ROM is not a robot. He is a SPACEKNIGHT and a Spaceknight has mitten hands. Thus ends the lesson. If you can't get that ONE thing right then you can take liberties with what made ROM cool in the first place.

    1. Fingers or mittens for the cinematic version of ROM? I'm not especially preoccupied with that detail but it's a good question.

  3. Deathlock really messes the composition of the original image

    1. yeah it's like he was added as an after thought or something. it's not even clear that he's Deathlok when you just look at the art it's self.

  4. Ha ha, well said about those criticisms. If they don't like it, move the fuck on. Plenty of other like-minded people around to circle-jerk with.

    Yeah that Deathlok positioning really IS weird. I have no objection to him being included in the piece, just not the way he's positioned. I think you're right, and the artist probably added him on the sperm of the moment (Credit to the legendary Jim Cornette for coming up w/that phrase)

    Otherwise it's not too out of place for those three to be included in the same piece since they all came out around the same decade.

    As for the women that banged Trump. *Sigh* As the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase so famously said back in the 80's "Everybody's got a price" and apparently so did those women. I hope it was worth it, because if I was woman, there'd be no amount of money ever to convince me to fuck that sleazy, baby-handed freak. But hey, if they help take his Putin-butt-loving ass down, I'm all for it.

    As for no 2nd season of Defenders, this is the first I've heard about this. I'm legit shocked. Sure it wasn't as good as it could've been, but according to reviews, it was better than Iron Fist, and maybe Luke Cage too. Damn, big opportunity lost there if so.

    1. for me the only thing that was missing from the Defenders first season was a Punisher appearance some where. the interaction between the ensemble cast was done in that great Marvel cinematic spirit and ofcourse it ended with Misty losing her arm. if you like any of the other Netflix marvel shows i don't know how you do not like The Defenders.
      good one with the Million Dollar Man reference he was a fun character back in the day wasn't his like side kick a brother named Virgil? i actually saw a Virgil action figure at a Toys R Us about a month ago i was like are you serious with that?
      on something of a side note i have this week off from work so i decided to catch a matinee for Ready Player 1. it was alright, if you take away the 80s soundtrack, sci-fi and pop culture references you basically are left with little more then a dystopian sci-fi version of willie wonka and the chocolate factory. would have liked it more if they had worked in a ROM reference in there but then again i didn't notice one for E.T. either.

    2. No, I'm not shitting on the Defenders at all. Overall I liked it, but it was slow in some parts and Danny acted like an whiny, overly-sensitive rich boy for my tastes. Now he had some cool moments, especially that initial fight with Luke, but otherwise I wasn't too impressed with him. It's why I won't watch his own series.

      Acrroding to the actress that plays Jessica Jones, Krystan Ritter, her show is going to act "like the Defenders never happened." Wow. Ok. I know DD season 3 will at least reference it.

      Yeah the reaosn there's a Virgil figure, and it's a funny one, is this the "Lonely Virgil" figure based of the memes and pictures of him setting looking sad and pathetic during autograph sessions. Apparently he overcharges for autographed pics.
      He was his the Million Dollar Man's bodyguard/house boy, but yeah, I guess sidekicks sounds nicer, ha ha.

      I saw the trailer, but figured it was yet another nostalgia cash grab. I know there was a lot of stink online about how the Iron Giant was portrayed as yet another killing machine. Meh. I'm sure the graphics and CGI are killer, but I'll pass.

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