Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bill Mantlo Tribute Piece by Andrew Cosson

Here we have one other brave soul who has stepped forward and offered to grace my blog with some cool art. More specifically art that was sold to help raise money for Bill Mantlo's medical care which as I understand it he will be needing for the rest of his life. I would have really liked to have done something of my own for Bill's health care but unfortunately I was largely out of the loop at that time in regards to the goings on in the comic book biz.
From what I can see here we have The HULK, Box & Snowbird from Alpha Flight. There's ROM & Starshine of course. Next to them is Bug, Marionette, Acroyar and Huntarr from the Micronauts along with Microverse aliens Antron & Membros complete with glowing brains. And then we have a purple female Dire Wraith looking like she's ready to party with these guys. And just below Acroyar's sword arm we've got Hybrid who's got a thing for single women from the mutant community. Now don't quote me on this but I believe the purple winged fellow is an artificial creature known as Dragon Man.
When I first posted Andrew's piece I provided some inaccuracies in my summery. The comments section for this posting covers that and also provides additional information about how Andrew put this awesome rendering together.


  1. Actually the orange guy is Hybrid from Rom and the deeper orange fella behind Star Shine is Huntar from Micronauts. Some of the best writing in comics that to me even rivals Moore and Miller that was ahead of it's time was done by Mantlo.

    The dimensions of the painting if I remember correctly is 18 by 24 but I suspect is was I tiny bit larger than that. The paint was acrylic and it wasn't an auction as so much it sold at a show for artist donating their work to various causes. Mine happen to be for Mantlo because my niece also had a closed head traumatic brain injury. I hope to share more art with you I've done of Rom soon. He was and still is one of my favorite superheros.

  2. Oy vey do i feel like an idiot on those oversites in summerizing your painting the first time around Andrew! i also realized that i misnamed one of the Micronaut creatures too (Membros not Lobros). this all is pretty pathetic on my part especially since i consider myself to be a pretty big Micronaut fan too. i went ahead and made the necessary changes to the posting summery. i know it was a long time ago but best wishing to your niece and i hope to see more of your work on this blog in the future!

  3. Rom and the Micronauts were easily two of my favorite comic book series ever. Once I realized that they were both written by the same guy, I followed him around wherever he went. Sadly, his career didn't last much longer. But I ended up enjoying pretty much every piece of work of his that I could find.

  4. Hey BollWeevilPrime

    Welcome to my blog. because i'm also a big Micronauts fan i had a posting up a little while ago about Mantlo's work on ROM and the Micronauts as well as in general comparing the two franchises. but it didn't seem to stir much interest among the viewers so i removed it.
    let me know if you'd like to see the art work related to that posting i created: daywalkr@aol.com

  5. Hey Andrew, I really love this Mantlo tribute image! Very well done!

  6. I would absolutely like to see anything Micronauts related here, as long people don't feel that it would take too much away from Rom :)

    I'm going to start working on some Rom art for the blog, too, by the way. Just have to pick the right "theme." Maybe Rom and Shang-Chi? hmmm....