Saturday, September 11, 2010

There's no 72 virgins in Limbo!

As you all know the Dire Wraiths are alien invaders with the goal of conquering the earth. As shape shifters they hide among us and when they strike it usually results in death and destruction of innocent people. Unfortunately, there is an enemy in the real world that has much in common with the Dire Wraiths. And there's no such thing as ROM's energy analyzer ( used to detect Wraiths regardless of what shape they assume ) to reassure us who is a terrorist and who isn't. Sometimes we discover that too late such as in the Fort Hood massacre or the Oklahoma City bombing . But when we do discover these terrorists it would be nice to banish them to Limbo ( an inter-dimensional hell hole of a prison ) just like ROM does with the Wraiths and let them spend eternity reflecting on their past misdeeds and enjoy the company of alike minded vile creatures. I usually wouldn't think of mixing politics with something like a blog about the world of sci-fi and comics. But I'm making an exception in light of it being the first 911 since I started this blog for ROM fans who aren't dicks.


  1. I think the terrorists are surprised when they die and do not meet the 72 virgins ... Thanks for the email with the comic in Portuguese! I will improve the translation for you:

    - Not quite the after life you were expecting ?
    (- Não era bem a vida que você esperava ?)

    - Welcome to limbo Achmed !
    (- Bem vindo ao limbo Achmed !)


  2. Your welcome my friend, and thank you for your help. The translation software i found for my blog recently is quite useful but of course it doesn't work on uploaded art work with words. But I'm glad you at least understood what the cartoon I made was saying I emailed to you even though I wrote it myself with my broken Portuguese.

  3. Dire Wraiths make an excellent analogue for communist infiltration, communism in particular since it is also sexually segregative in function- not to mention utterly evil and perverse. And like the Skrull-Wraith connection there's a pretty nightmarish crossover with other infiltrative enemies of freedom- Islam, for example.

  4. welcome IMFI Pty. Ltd. it seems you too enjoy mixing politics and comics. here in the San Francisco Bay Area people think communism is some sort of utopia. when in reality as you know it is just another type of totalitarian system just like radical islam. one of my more recent postings makes the case for Dire Wraiths basically being the equivalent of today's terrorist sleeper cells. go to Youtube and type in the word search field holseyd. you'll like my videos trust me!