Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey ladies, win a date with HYBRID!

I sketched this ultimate "bad boy" to pass the time during a black out in my town Saturday night. Later after the power came back I scanned the sketch and colored it in photoshop. When I think of Hybrid I think of that famous line by Arnold in the first Predator movie after the Predator removes his helmet and starts kicking Arnold's ass. Out of all of ROM's enemies arguably Hybrid had to be the most deadly. Born of a human mother and Dire Wraith father he possessed incredible power. Power enough that he could go toe to toe with ROM with out the use of Wraith science or magic. He survived getting blasted by ROM's neutralizer more then once and took out Colossus of the X-Men with out lifting a finger. He basically pimp slapped the Torpedo away after the Torpedo collided into him at full speed. Later in a confrontation with the Brother Hood of Evil Mutants he almost literally made Rogue his you know what despite Rogue possessing Ms. Marvel's powers and having just recently beat the crap single handily out of most of the Avengers ( see Avengers Annual #10). Hybrid had a thing for ladies of the mutant persuasion but from what we could see he was about as equipped for some "lovin" as a Ken doll, so maybe that explains why he had so many issues with women. During Hybrid's final appearance he made a joke of the New Mutants (well that's no big deal even I could take them I've been working out) and even overwhelmed professor Xavier in the mental department (ok now that's impressive!). And for his final and best trick he reversed the spell that made Brandy Clark Starshine and put her in some sexy lingerie. All along he had kinda this Joker (Heathe Ledger - R.I.P) way about him the way he taunted and toyed with his victims in a humorous manner. Just close your eyes for a minute and picture lines like these coming from Hybrid, "You remind me of my father . . . I hated my father!" or " Why-so-serious!?" It's a shame the Hybrid character never crossed over into other Marvel titles that could have been something given how formidable he was. Even a What If story about him could have been promising. Oh the possibilities.


  1. Hybrid could definitely be a threat to the MU equal to Ultron and the like.

    A "What If" starring li'l ol 'Brid? Hmmm....imagine if Hybrid and Rogue actually got it on (hey, there are things that the Comics Code wouldn't let Sal draw, it's not Hybrid's fault), and the resultant offspring were powerful enough to take over the world?

    Think about it; Hybrid was nearly unstoppable, and he could change shape. Rogue could absorb the abilities and memories of others with a touch. Their children could take over anyone's lives, breed with whomever they chose, and eventually (in this "What If" story), the entire population of Earth would be made up of nothing but Hybrid's progeny. They would essentially replace the human race, just as people like the Trasks always feared the mutants would do.

    Then, woe betide the alien race that tried to invade the "normal", "harmless" looking Earth! :)

  2. Yeah for sure the Skrulls especially would be in for a surprise if they tried to pull any more of that Invasion shit on Earth. thanks again Max for giving me the idea of that posting title. still makes me laugh when i look at it.

  3. Now why would we want to win a date with Hybrid? I mean we all have encountered men like this, and who wants another? I say NAY!! Now get us a date with Peter Parker, Scott Summers, or Warren Worthington III and we may be happy.

  4. Have you seen what happens to Peter Parker's (and Scott Summers') women? You might be safer with Hybrid! :)

  5. ROM BLOG B.F.R.F.W.A.D. wrote:
    "It's a shame the Hybrid character never crossed over into other Marvel titles that could have been something given how formidable he was."

    Well...not to be "That Guy", but HYBRID did indeed make an appearance outside of ROM's own title.
    More than one, really - depending on what you consider to be an "appearance".

    He co-starred as the bad guy in X-MAN # 31 (that's X-mAn... the Nate Grey character) in 1997.

    Here's info for that comic:

    Hybrid also appeared in a one-image head-shot on a computer monitor (showing all the power signatures evident in a recent bad guy who had absorbed all of the mutant powers on Earth - as a by-product of the Scarlet Witch's "No More Mutants" spell) in NEW AVENGERS v1 # 18.

    This last one seems to state that HYRBID survived the confrontation with X-MAN only to have his mutant powers be nullified by Scarlet Witch, and then be absorbed by the "Collective" man.
    So, that's not to say that Hybrid isn't still around, JUST as a WRAITH. That's still bad enough.

    I'll stop.
    Anyone who hasn't read those issues... well... what are you waiting for?


  6. i wish more people would be "That Guy" actually ~P~. we all like compliments and validation but we're more likely to learn about more ROM related stuff out there when people are being "That Guy". this blog was intended to be an exchange of information and the sharing of cool art work. being "That Guy" and being a dick are two different things. thank you ~P~, i'm going to do a little research on the info. you provided. keep the comments coming!