Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lots of new ROM fan art found. I'm betting there's at least some here you haven't seen before

Left click on any image to enlarge all

And on other matters of ROM Spaceknight art work Ptor and The Sanctum has a posting up currently of an alternate ROM #1 cover. What are your thoughts on it versus what ended up being published? You can find the alt cover and what I think about it here:


  1. Now that's some awesome stuff - the one of ROM falling down a well is a sweet idea! I wonder if anyone has ever drawn him fighting Sigorney Weaver's Aliens?

  2. i think this is the first and it broaches the question of how well would Galadorian spaceknight armor hold up to ALIEN acid blood.

  3. David,

    The grandfather of ALL "UNSEEN" ROM art has been uncovered and showcased on Jim Shooter's blog.

    The unpublished cover to ROM # 1.

    Among others, I've also blogged about it today, but it is PERFECT for your site as well, as I'm sure you'll be able to add your own unique perspective to it.

    My short post can be found here:


  4. that's a no brainer, other then their self destruct option the Predators really don't have anything in their arsenal that could do much damage to ROM. but that's not to say that the Predators are badass though.
    by the way, there's a bunch of guys at my work who seem to think that the first Predator film was one big homoerotic fun fest. they sighted all the scenes in which these buffed shirtless guys are firing their guns off while holding them almost at waist level. and when you think about it as great of a creature design as the Predator is it does kinda look like a vagina full of teeth. one scene in particular at the beginning as they're humping through the jungle Billy (the native American Indian in the group)cuts a vine to suck the sap out. i don't know if they're on to something here but Predator is one of my all time favorite sci-fi horror movies and it always has been ...doh!

  5. Aren't most action films from the eighties in that category though? Big buff guys running around in tank tops or shirtless, oiled up...hmmmm. Scuse me. Need to go watch some movies now.