Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finally, ROM spaceknight & The Avengers join forces on more then just cover art from the 80s

Thanks to a tip left in the comment section of the prior posting to this one I found this cool fan art by a professional animator. If this were only true huh? Especially since Marvel had ROM on a couple of Avengers covers with out having had him in the stories back in the day. That was really annoying not to at least give ROM a cameo in those issues. I never picked up West Coast Avengers #1 (1984) when I realized he wasn't inside it since that issue was on the stands after I was an established collector of all things ROM. But I had no way of knowing when I found Avengers #221 in a back issue bin I just wish I had had the balls at the time to just take it out of the plastic it was in and flip through it real quick. Notice how Hawkeye is a reoccurring character?

Thomas Perkins has a number of other fictitious animation cell looking art w that features more some what obscure Marvel characters such as Omega and 3-D Man from the 1980s along side more contemporary mainstream characters of today:

Speaking of the Avengers these days check out this customized Amazing Spiderman van I came across in Oakland CA a couple of days ago. I shot a quick video of it up close. Check it out this photo only shows you a small portion of what this thing has going on:


  1. The Van was Sweet! And the animation drawing of Rom Wow don't do that man I thought this was some freaking show I missed that actually got out Ha!! I must say He looks pretty freaking good!!

    1. more then anything i like the unique nature of this type of ROM fan art. of course it would have been cool to see ROM in an animated show but given that it would have been Marvel i don't know how good it would have been. DC has done a much better job when it comes to TV animation shows over the years with stuff like Justice League of America and Young Justice. the early 90s X-Men cartoon wasn't bad but basically as far as Marvel goes it all went down hill after Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.

  2. Ha I had just seen that on Thomas's blog and was going to email to et you knowwhen I saw this post.

    Those two covers I have. I always thought it was funny Invisible Woman was invisible in her photo. As for Avengers West isn't it weird hos much of an after thought Cyclops is. Like your banner where Rouge is way in the background, if they were done in todays marketing oriented days I''m sure those roles would be greatly increased!

  3. I have the West Coast Avengers one. I always find it funny to look back at covers like this and see characters I read a lot about in my youth that no longer show up in the comics. Like Hercules. I kinda miss the banter between him and She-Hulk. They would have had cute dangerous babies. I agree with Dan, nowadays you'd have a bigger cyclops and a shot of Wolvie, disregarding the fact that Wolvie would never join the Avengers now.

  4. in regards to the matter of how these characters are represented on these covers i wouldn't care to speculate. much like how i don't care to speculate how my girlfriend knows so many kinky tricks in the bedroom. some questions are better left unanswered my friends.

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