Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Earth Day Galactus, in your face!

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Here some digital fan art I made from some borrowed images on the net. I had a version of this in which I had dialogue bubbles that read "You dare deny the hunger of Galactus!?" / "I do great one, for I am ROM. And you will not have Galador this day so swears the greatest of the spaceknights!". But somehow it looked better without the text. Either way doesn't this just make you miss the good ol days of Rom and and Marvel Comics of the 80s?
Now this is something that comes from another digital artist at Deviant Art. This one is just described as a Rom spaceknight sprite. I never really thought about this but I guess sprite is a general term for some little digital icon animation sorta thing. Anyways I totally dig it good job who ever you are that did it. And on a side note Sprite the soft drink is my all time favorite soda.


  1. We need that kind of grandeur again. Thanks, Shlomo.

  2. wow, this is some good work. Dude got Galactus so right. Nice post

  3. you're very welcome Random. thanks but remember Tiger, other far more talented individuals came up with the elements in this i just put them together. i'll have something fun over at the Suicide Squad blog shortly.

  4. Yes! That Galactus is impressive.

  5. You know how to keep our attention brother very cool stuff on both points my fronts! Sprite or not that is nice Rom is well presented!

    1. yeah i don't know if there's an animated version of it like the one i have already in the top right column. i left a comment on the DA posting but i haven't heard back from the artist so far.

  6. This is awesome! It reminds me of that cool Hercules Prince of Power 80's run, where Herc spiked Galactus's wine and won the day that way. Really nice work Dave. Sprite Zero is my favourite soda, so we're kinda twins in that way.

    Could ROM be the new Silver Surfer? He's already colour coded for it!