Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm tired of all these mutha$#@%&* wraiths on this mutha$#@%&* planet!

Take a second to read the dialogue in this panel to the left . . . . . . . It's from issue #41 (1983) in which ROM with the aid of Dr.Strange takes on some manifestation of Wraith magic known as the Dweller on the Threshold. Now I don't know if someone at Marvel was temporarily possessed by Samuel L. Jackson or just decided to indulge in some office humor at the time. Who can say for sure? However, as I understand it an X amount of these issues made it to press before the mistake was discovered and corrected. As such, a limited number of these "misprints" made it to comic shops, corner stores and several 7-11 locations alike. I'm at a loss how any of these made it past the Comic Code Authority but there you have it. Rather you think this is B.S. or not I suggest any of you out there who have this issue in your collection might want to find it and check it out. This could redefine the whole concept of what makes any particular issue a "classic".


  1. Well, i did just post this today so perhaps some other folks out there in the next couple of days might be inclined to leave a comment about anything they might know about this.

  2. Oh... why do I WANT so much for this to be real...

  3. I read this issue when it was new, and I can't believe it ever got out of the Bullpen. This has a definitive 90's feel, not 80's. I'm skeptical about this claim, but it would be SO SWEET if it were true.

  4. Ha - classic! If true that would be awesome...

    Samuel L. Jackson as ROM? Now that's a crossover!

  5. Now you got me thinking of Pulp Fiction. Dan, your from New Zealand and Siskoid is from Canada. like everyone else except us Yanks your on the metric system. so that begs the question, what do they call a quarter pounder in your respective countries?

  6. Greetings David!

    In my journal of the ROM, which was published here
    in Brazil, is written the following:

    "...a de defensor da Terra...

    ...começando por banir você !"

    In English:

    "...the defender of the Earth...

    ...starting to banish you !"

    There is the word "bitch" in my magazine.


  7. Sim, voce estou certo. eu acho o ROM e uma paulista como de voce, "Tuda Fora". muito brigado Claudio!

  8. Holy shit! I had one of those. My mom threw it in the garbage and wouldn't let me buy another "filthy book" for a year. That thing would probably be worth a fortune now. Thanks a lot mom!