Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Annihilators #3 Review - Some serious tongue action and doing the Limbo again

Summery: So as of the conclusion with A#2 we finally have a showdown between the wraith queen Volx and The Annihilators. Showing us her impressive mystical multitasking skills she "weaves" spells to not only undo Beta Ray Bill and Quasar's work of having shielded Galador from the black sun's rays but also to blunt their direct assaults on her with some sort of force field. And for good measure she conjures up another horde of deathwings to help keep The Annihilators off her back. In the close quarter fever pitch of the battle Silver Surfer is about to explain to Quasar how to end the black sun's threat when suddenly the Surfer is attacked by Volx her self and the seemingly impossible appears to happen. The first 5 pages of A#3 can be read online at: But instead of a brain sucking session what happens is more of a "mindmeld". Not unlike Cindy Adams from the original ROM series who was saved by her mother in mid attack by a Dire Wraith. The "connection" is spontaneously broken, which knocks Volx on her ugly ass and in turn causes the Deathwings to disintegrate. The Silver Surfer comes out of it understanding that Volx is insane because of the psychic "cries" of her fellow wraiths trapped in Limbo. He also learns that the Black Sun is merging with Galador's sun and that the only way to halt the process is to bring Wraith World out of Limbo. So off to Limbo they go with Volx in tow. In the mean time although IKON ordered Brandy to be taken for medical care we see her in a holding cell right next to a another cell with Dredd in it which I thought was a bit odd. Especially given that the cells have energy beams as bars that offer plenty of space in between for shape shifting prisoners to squeeze through. But that proves to be besides the point as what appears to be a rogue spaceknight takes out the other spaceknight guards and frees Dredd. Meanwhile on Wraith World The Annhihlators discover a population of decrepit and powerless dire wraiths who apparently have been victimized and used by Immortus the time traveling ruler of Limbo. Volx tries to rally them around her but they pretty much dis her feeling like she got them into their situation in the first place. Just then Quasar senses that Immortus is coming after them with his Army of the Ages. In conclusion to the issue we finally discover that Dredd is actually a Skrull! It turns out this whole scheme was just an elaborate plan by "Dr. Dredd" to empower the dire wraiths. And in doing so will in some way help the rise of the Skrull empire while getting revenge on some of the cosmic heroes they have it it in for.

This issue started off with a bang but kinda lost some steam just after Volxe's attack on the Silver Surfer. This whole thing about having to get Wraith World out of Limbo to save Galador was something I wasn't too sure about but at least it opens the door for Galador to be an ongoing player in future Cosmic Marvel stories. I guess I'll have to learn more about Immortus cause I really don't know jack about him. Of course now the mystery of Dr. Dredd's return is solved and I think this was a pretty cool way of doing it. What's kind of annoying me at this point now is that outside of IKON the spaceknights are just fall guys. They might as well just be wearing Enterprise security guard uniforms. Galador is really really in serious need of old school spaceknights who know how to fight like Hammerhand, Javelin, Trapper, Starshine 1 and Pulsar. The Silver Surfer seems too be a little too quick to make Volx out as a sympathetic character. As a rule I like the Surfer's sense of humanity and justice but on this one he may be leaning a little too much to the left for my taste. It's kinda like feeling sorry for osama bin laden for not getting his day in court. I have the feeling this issue isn't going to be going over that well with the readers but hopefully I'm wrong even though I don't think it's the strongest issue of the 3 so far.
I'll be adding Youtube links of reviews in the coming days to this posting as I find them so stay tuned.

Looks like I found one already
here's another found on 5/7/11

5/12/11 update
I just got done reading New Warriors #75 (Vol.1) in which Volx gets turned into ash after having had Nighthrasher stick a spike in through her head. So now we have an explanation for "Dr. Dredd's" return but are left with another mystery. Lee from RSR made this point on his blog before.


  1. Immortus is an alternate timeline version of Rama Tut/Kang. He rules Limbo, which is the dimension outside of time. You might remember Rom telling Magik of the New Mutants that Limbo is more of a concept than a place in Rom Annual #2, thus all the various "Limbos" are actually pretty much the same place, or at least linked in some way. It was revealed in Avengers Forever that most of those trapped in Limbo eventually (if that word has any meaning) turn into shape-shifting Space Phantoms, which Immortus uses for his various schemes.

  2. okay that's cool thanks for the information. i can see this posting has gotten a fair amount of hits already. for any of you out there who have read this issue i'd certainly be happy to hear your thoughts on what you liked or disliked about the issue.

  3. I understand why the Skrulls are brought in, and it is a neat and tidy way to explain Dredd. But I sometimes get sick of it. It's always a Skrull. It's starting to become predictable. And I agree completely about Volx. Some bad guys should just be shot in the forehead. I don't care if they've surrendered. Their past crimes justify execution on the spot.

  4. for whom ever out there have taken issue with the skrull appearance like Randomnerd you'll find the Youtube video i added to the posting especially interesting.
    just on a side note here is it just me or does it seem like hardly anybody out there gives a crap about The Annihilators as of issue#3? unlike the first two issues there doesn't seem to be much of a buzz bot good or bad about it.

  5. I think that has more to do with the time of year. People are starting to get worried about finals.

  6. I'm just wondering if this Kang/Immortus and Skrull debut is a hint of what's to come for this Super Group, or a way to tie it into the next cosmic storyline/miniseries DnA have coming?

    I'd been hoping for return of Guardians of the Galaxy and NOVA, but considering the Avengers-heavy villainy that's just been exposed, can anyone say Cosmic Avengers?

    I imagine Steve Rogers would be interested in such a heavyweight group operating (if it doesn't fall apart at end of #4) and so would Black Bolt who I think is returning in some upcoming Avengers issues.

    On the other hand, Immortus/Kang had some connection to Star-Lord, even giving him that Cosmic Cube he used in Thanos Imperative. So maybe that's how Quill and Nova return.

    I can hardly tell which path I'd enjoy more. Why not combine them? Star-Lord and the Cosmic Avengers.

  7. well i can tell ya that having ROM & Nova return in issue 4 of Annihilators would make up for pretty much all the shortcomings in the series thus far for both ROM and Marvel cosmic fans. it would be good to see Star Lord again too. who knows Capt. Elias maybe Abnett and Lanning will come across your comment? all that aside thanks for sharing your thoughts and welcome aboard.

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