Sunday, May 8, 2011

ROM cameo in the continued Torpedo legacy from the pages of The New Warriors

Okay so here's something I hope is at least some what new to you hard core ROM fans out there in terms of art or information. I found 3 New Warriors covers that featured Turbo prominently cause I thought it would look cool to display here but it's issue 73 that I want to focus on. First of all it has the late Brock Jones (ROM side kick Torpedo) on the cover which is cool. And as you can see to the left the interior art includes some sort of retelling of the past Dire Wraith, Torpedo and Volx narratives. What I'm sure you also see is a panel that features a very obvious silver spaceknight. Did you know this issue was published in 1996? Did Marvel have the licensing deal in effect still at that time? Some how I doubt it so what gives? I was never into The New Warriors but if I had known back then that they were continuing the ROM mythology in even at least some small measure I certainly would have given that title a second look. You can read a thorough recap of the New Warriors #73 at this link:

So if you've read the page that link goes to you'll see that issue kicks off Vlox's latest scheme. A scheme in which she appropriates the Torpedo suite, hijacks a starship and steals Forge's neo-neutralizer in an attempt to nullify the powers of Earth's heroes and also free her fellow Wraiths from Limbo. Ironically, the New Warriors series (Vol. 1) ends just two issues later with #75 (just like ROM). Obviously Volx was stopped by The New Warriors from carrying out her plans with the neo-neutralizer but as the saying goes she apparently lived on to fight another day. Hence, her appearance and agenda many years later in the Annihilators mini-series.

Now here is what appears to be a revamped version of the Torpedo "armor" I was able to find a picture of online. I can't seem to find any information about if this is the original suite with modifications or a brand new one but it looks good! The upper portion kinda looks reminiscent of Thor's classic costume strangely enough. I know based on some published clip art that Turbo did have a suite that closely resembled this sketch at one point but I can't find any information on it other then it being worn in the later volumes of New Warriors and with another group she ended up joining called Excelsior.

5/13/11 update
I took a look at New Warriors #1 (Vol.2) a couple of days ago and the new look for the Torpedo suite (first appearance) was the result of it having been "reconfigure" for easier use.


  1. When Marvel put out the Essential Power Man and Iron Fist a few years ago, it omitted issue 73, presumably because it has ROM in it. But vol. 1 of Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe has ROM's entry intact.

    Marvel doesn't have rights to publish books with ROM in them any more, but since the rights are so ambiguous, there's really no one to sue them (at the moment) for minor lapses.

  2. Nice addition to the blog.
    I'm sure this one will be unheard of for many of your readers.

    Except...well... I DID already know of, and OWN, the issues of New Warriors (I keep 'em in my ROM box), but you made me just pull them out for a quick look-see - since I hadn't taken them out of the baggies since I first got 'em way back when).

    Oddly enough, I totally forgot that they showed ROM and called him by name.

    So between this and that X-MAN issue... a few appearances were squeaking under the radar.

    The Torpedo/Volx storyline in New Warriors continues to the end of the series (72 - 75) and is a convoluted mess.
    But, still... it's ROM-adjacent.

    Nice one!

  3. I loved the New warriors - that series under Fabian was lightning in a bottle. The issues after he left not so much, but still this is a great find!

    The solo spotlight issue of Turbo was great as well where Nova took them both training, wasn't ROM related at all, but was pretty good all the same!

  4. Dylan
    there was a Secret Wars II omnibus collection book that omitted ROM#72 (guest starring the Beyonder) yet Peter David was able to include ROM by name and in person (as human) at Rick Jone's wedding. there's this really irritating inconsistency about this whole licensing BS. it's a long shot but i'm hoping Annihilators#4 will have a cool surprise for us all on this front. thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog.

    you mean you not only know about this but you have these issues too!? well at least i was bale to take you down (R)andom(O)nly(M)emory lane.

    well it appears that perhaps i erred in not being more mindful of this series when it was out. i'll probably be on the look out for some NW back issues from now on when i visit the local comic shops around here.

    Thanks for the comments guys I really enjoyed reading em. I had to come up with something else this week that people might want to converse about on this blog cause it seems like the buzz high that Annihilators gave people when it first came out has started to turn more into a buzz kill for many of em.

  5. I really appreciate this Dave! I had no clue ROM had turned up anywhere in the New Warriors, so this gives me something to hunt down in the back issue bins. Just another reason for me to love you. :)

  6. You want something really mind-blowing? If New Warrior hadn't been canceled, the daughter of Rom & Brandy was going to become a member of the cast. Read the proposal at Rom, Spaceknight Revisited.

  7. i just read it, consider my mind blown. too bad that didn't pan out however.