Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ROM Spaceknight & Israeli super agent Sabra: fighting the forces of terror

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) just delivered rousing speech to the U.S. congress yesterday. I think it was one for the history books. So now that's got the Zionist in me all fired up and of course being the comic book nerd that I am I couldn't help but think of a hypothetical scenario involving some sort of cross story line or Marvel Team issue of ROM & Israeli Mossad (Israeli secret service) super agent Sabra. I don't know what sort of story line would have ever had ROM in Israel or Sabra in Clariton West Virginia but it would have made for an interest concept to explore. Aside from both being Bill Mantlo creations and having had run ins with the HULK these two heroes have one very important thing in common. Both have arch enemies that are masters of disguise, deception and manipulation. Rather if it's shape shifters who use black magic or people who use political correctness and stealth jihad, evil is evil by any name. We should see that evil for what it is and recognize the heroes who fight and sacrifice to keep us safe from it.

Aside from Bibi's speech here's what else you need to know:


  1. That WOULD be pretty awesome. But anything with Sabra is awesome. I wish they used her in X-Men more...who would know more about running Utopia than an Israeli?

    Unfortunately the only time I recall them using her was during that whole Joseph-Magneto-clone debacle. Considering Xavier had a child with a prominent Israeli woman (Gabrielle Haller) who is a main character in current issues, you'd think it would come up more.

  2. They do tend to gloss over that frequently, Captain. @ Dave...I think you just hit on what would bring the two together. I could see Hamas using the Wraiths, and the Wraiths using Hamas to further their goals. A better writer than I would have to work out the details, but two such obviously underhanded and soul-sucking groups would work well together...until, of course, they turned on each other. And then the Wraiths would devour the terrorists. And ROM would clean up. With a little help from his new friend.

  3. thanks for the comments folks. if you want to have some laughs do a Google search on one of code pink's founders medea benjamin (also known as medusa benjamin) but make sure to hit the "image" tab after you put her name in the search bar. she actually kinda looks like a Dire Wraith just like the featured clip art in this posting no joke.

  4. I was just about to pick up that Hulk issue by Mantlo/Buscema on Tuesday. I think I'll go back and get it now.

  5. that would be wise Rick and you'll be a better man for it ;) thanks for stopping by, i'd be interested to know how you found out about this blog.

  6. Here's a little Rom on Covered Blog...check it out!
    Rom and the X-Men

  7. nice job Anthony and thanks for stopping by my blog. i'll be sure to leave a comment.

  8. You know, the thing about the Dire Wraiths is they're potentially everywhere.

    How many times have you met an old acquaintance and found that they've embraced some new religion, lifestyle or ideology... like an alien came down, assumed their form and replaced them, just like the wraiths did with Mr and Mrs Clark, Steve Jackson and Brock Jones. Anyone could fall victim the the barbed tongue.

    And not only were our personal relationships endangered; on a macro scale, the entire community was in jeopardy. The wraiths had infiltrated every facet of society: law enforcement, the military, medicine, journalism, education, corporations.

    Because they have no stake in any terrestrial ideological struggle, they hedge their bets and have players on both sides and on every team. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    They stand to benefit somehow regardless of how we as a people choose to organize our socio-politial-economic system. Wherever power is concentrated, the coopt it. Wherever power is diffuse, they project their own.

    The wraiths are an alien power we cannot see and therefore cannot resist. Only another alien power can save us. We are the cosmic equivalent of a third world back-water like Afghanistan or Vietnam, a battleground for two empires in a proxy war.

    Regarding hamas... yeah, I've heard them say their triumph is inevitable because the jihadi loves death more the infidel loves life.

    You know what Rom would say to that?



  9. well Earth doesn't have any spaceknights or even Sabra. but thank goodness we do have Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Navy seals. so there still is some hope for this planet especially with bin laden now being fish food.

  10. Wow! I went back to the store to pick this up and, man, was this an emotional one! Boisterous Bill was always able to tug my heart strings and this story about the conflict in Israel is not exception. The Buscema art is fantastic, too. Thanks for the recommendation!