Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sal Buscema, the fast & the furious

I thought I'd kick off the month with my latest internet find which as you can see is this rather uncommon photo of Mr. Buscema at what I presume is his drafting table and this quick sketch probably done for some ROM fan boy out there. And that's one ROM fan boy out there who's lucky I don't have his home address. If you look in the right hand column gallery of my "digital trickeration" you'll see something for Sal Buscema that will take you to a fantastic 5 minute or so Youtube video about his career. You may want to take note of the comments section in which you have some idiot (screen name pypeworld) who writes off Sal Buscema as being a "hack" who was only good at drawing fast. Needless to say I rushed to Sal's defense and it was on!

5/14/11 update: I just saw THOR today and it was pretty good. At the end of the credits they list all the writers and artists that worked on THOR in Marvel over the years. Sal Buscema's name was among them.


  1. I loved Sal's work as an inker as much as I did a penciller. His inkwork was the first in that field whose difference I truly noticed.

  2. there's a short run on Marvel Team-Up ( #'s 41 - thru - 46 ) that Sal drew that are among my very favourite Marvel comics ever produced. it's insane to think of Sal as a hack. it's true, he was the go-to guy when they were pushed, but his art was never anything but polished and exciting. his Defenders work is flawless.

  3. well said Joe! and welcome to the blog.