Monday, September 19, 2011

ROM Spaceknight custom vehicle art. Yes, on a real vehicle and no this is not photoshop this time!

Some of you who have been following this blog for a while now may recognize the art work you see here. If so that's because I featured it in a posting back in December but at the time the photo image I had found was only of the portion of the trailer that had the actual ROM illustration it's self with very little background. So it was next to impossible to tell what the image was painted on even though that didn't stop us all from wild speculation. Well now the mystery is over thanks to a link left a few days ago in the comments section of the original posting: What you are looking at here is a mobile laboratory from M.I.T. Unfortunately that's all the information I have on it but at least now the mystery is solved as to what and where this ROM "thumbs up" illustration is done on. Ya see folks, this is why I love people who take the trouble to leave comments on blog sites. The exchange of opinions and information really does make the blogging experience funner and because among other things it can lead to cool discoveries like this one.

September 20 update
Case and point, thanks to a comment left by ~P~ from The Sanctum Sanctorum on the previous posting I found out about a what I can only describe as a Defenders "where are they now" Marvel Handbook. I suppose it's some sort of index about the status of pretty much every one who's ever been a member of The Defenders. That includes The Torpedo who as I understand it was on the team between issues 62-64. You see him in the bottom right hand corner of issue 64 there? So anyways it looks like The Torpedo will not only get a mention in the book but he also made in on the cover which I think is pretty cool. The Defenders handbook is due to debut some where around December. For a Defenders #64 recap go to:


  1. That is so cool! Although I'm a little sad it wasn't any of our ideas. I think ~P~ was the closest because he pointed out it wasn't on a roof. I always wondered if we'd ever find out where that was. Thanks for the update Dave.

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  2. That is awesome!! I woulda liked a few Dire Wraiths thrown in for good measure but hey it still be awesome to pull up alongside in rush hour!

  3. your welcome Randomnerd but it wasn't actually me who found this is intel., i just posted it.

    yeah wraiths would be cool but so would NOVA or the Silver Surfer being added to that huh? also, it would be funny if that trailer turned out to be a crystal meth lab.

  4. Awesome, doesn't make up for my disappointment that the Annihilators: Earthfall that was SUPPOSED to be released today didn't appear at the comics shop. How RUDE!

  5. yeah your gonna have to wait till next week. the Earthfall preview clip a few postings down has a link that takes you to another blog with a preview of the first few pages. i left a comment there about the delay. they told me at one of the local shops that the cause of the hold up is some sort of change made to the pagination. that makes me a bit nervous what that's all about but we'll find out next week i guess.

  6. Hey so, I don't know if you've been alerted, but check out FF#9. There's an unexpected, unannounced, ROM reference (kinda)

  7. hello Brandon welcome and thank you for the comment. ya know i was browsing at a copy of FF#9 just this past Wednesday when i picked up my copy of Annihilators Earthfall #1. there were some Dire Wraiths in it that had a couple of lines but i didn't notice any pseudo ROM reference. could you elaborate a bit? i think i'll be swinging by another comic shop in S.F. tomorrow so anything you can tell me might help me find the reference.

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