Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How you can help ROM return with just 30 seconds of your time. Also, update with Avengers Academy #24 review

For some dumb reason after having had a copy of Avengers Academy #23 for over two weeks now I just realized that it had an actual letter column in the back! What's even cooler is that it opens up with this message to the readers from someone on the production team for the book, presumably the editor or editor in chief. Being a letter column quite naturally it also includes an email address for you to send your letters. So it occurred to me that other then a letter of praise about bringing Hybrid back this is another chance to bug these people about ROM. And the advantage here is that your letter is going to some folks at Marvel who currently have the Greatest of the Spaceknights on the brain other wise they wouldn't have brought Hybrid back. You know that old saying about striking while the iron is hot right? Even something as simple as just writing in the subject line "Bring ROM back!" will do. Send e-mails to MHEROES@MARVEL.COM Mark as "OK TO PRINT" for a shot at having the letter published but remember this is more about sending Marvel a message.

And by the way I sent a letter last night to that address and got a personal reply this morning from the editor Bill Rosemann so yes they actually read their letters over there.

Thursday Jan. 5 update
Avengers Academy #24

Well I went to go check out Fearless #6 from the Fear It's Self story line that feature some Dire Wraith connection thanks to Ptor from The Sanctum who gave us a heads up in the comment section. Indeed there is a Dire Wraith among the bad guys doing what Dire Wraith do but gets a nasty surprise when she tries to tongue spike Luke Cage. That was actually in Fearless #5 which was also there. I didn't pick those up because I have no idea what's going on in that story line but to my surprise I did see Avengers Academy #24 sooner then I expected so I got that.
Basically what's going on here is that Reptil is leading the students one by one into being ambushed and immobilized by Hybrid who then some how feeds off their powers making him in turn more powerful. However Reptil's betrayal eventually gets the better of his conscience and he turns on Hybrid. But by then it's too late Hybrid proceeds to take control of their minds and turns them on the remaining Avengers. So it looks like this Hybrid story arc is going to span at least 3 issues. They haven't revealed yet how Hybrid was "resurrected" by Reptil which I would really like to know but as you can see by the clip art above Hybrid is up to his old game but also has even grander plans then ever before.


  1. Here is my Email:

    I was glad to see the return of Rom’s greatest foe (Hybrid). Now it is time to bring back Rom himself. While it has been fantastic to see Galador again in the Annihilators two series with Ikon of the Spaceknights, nothing will really satisfy those of us who grew up with ol’ Toaster Head. Again, Ikon is nice and certainly was better than the third generation in the Spaceknights, Ltd. Series but Rom was and always will be the Greatest of the Spaceknights.

  2. well put my friend! pass the word along and let me know if you get a response from Rosemann too. who knows one of us might get lucky and have their letter printed in this months or next months Avengers Academy issues. aside from just having had your letter printed which is cool in and of it's self it would basically be like free advertising for the return of ROM spaceknight movement :)

  3. David,

    You know, the Wraiths are all over FEAR ITSELF : THE FEARLESS 12 issue maxi-series.

    There's a few wraith witches who helped bring SIN back to life, and one who travels with her to help with all the magical mayhem that is needed to secure the hammers of the Worthy.

    Check out the new issue (# 6) in shoppes today.
    Big magical gumbo with wraith witch, Hellstorm and Doctor Strange.

    Sanctum Sanctorum Comix

  4. From Bill Roseman in reply:

    Thanks for writing, Brian!

    Unfortunately, Marvel does not own the legal rights to ROM himself…so as much as we love ol’ Toaster Head, he must fight his brave battles elsewhere.


    Same song and dance unfortunately.

  5. Man I've spent have the day reaching out to fans to bend their ear there Dave thanks for this info I hope we can get some head way even if its just another mention just sent my email off! In my search for fans on deviant I ran across another artist with a Rom blog wow so maybe they well spread the word if we're lucky!! I'll have to check out what ~P~ posted too wow very cool!

  6. thanks for the heads up ~P~ i'll probably swning by a shop on my way home today or later this week to check that out.
    hey Brian keep your chin up, from Rossmann'a point of view based on your letter you may not have known about the legal issue. Marvel just needs to be pressed with alternative ways of bringing ROM back as outlined in my suggestion to Dan Abnett on Facebook. you remember that poposting i had right?
    as always zhannman thanks keep up the net working.

  7. Always brother! There where a lot of artist on deviant that did some Fine pieces of art most I've sent notices to with links to your blog and message so hopefully they follow through and join in on the E-mail!

  8. goddamn my last comment had a ton of $%&^@en type Os! i was in between doing some things when i left that and in a rush i'm not that bad of a speller folks. hey zhaanman check your Deviant Art account.

  9. Mail is sent mr . I'm glad Marvel is back communicating with fans through the letter pages. it's such a part of the bullpen history, it's good to have it reinstated.