Monday, January 2, 2012

ROM & Crystar "team up", plus a Rom cameo & the Dire Wraith appearnce cover variant you never knew about

This beautiful rendering is by Daniel Cox. Talk about fan art that takes me back in time. Back in the day I had a couple of the figures and a few of the issues from the Crystar franchise. Although something of an unlikely team up it could have made for an interesting story line given that both characters are basically derived from Medieval mythology. This is a painting I would really love to see in person. I don't think a computer monitor can do justice to the heavy brush strokes or vivid colors it has. Plus I suspect this was done on a pretty good sized canvas.

Back in 1982 there was this 3 issue mini-series called Contest of Champions in which Earth's heroes were all mysteriously spirited away in order to participate in some some sort of contest over whatever. You can do a Google search on the series if you want to know more about it.
I know there's a hand full of you hard core fans like Lee from ROM Spaceknight Revisited who know about this but I wanted to post it for those of you who don't. I think was basically just a "throw away" appearance in which somebody probably thought it would be cool to put ROM in the back ground (shaking hands with Jacosta) just for the Hell of it. Still, I can dig it.

Oh and look what else I found. This is the cover to some series of "pocket books" from the U.K. I imagine these are similar to the sort of thing that comes with action figures like with the DC Superpowers line back in the 80s. As you can see here this is an X-Men issue in which they are battling the Dire Wraiths. I can only assume this reprints a portion of the X-Men 185 - 188. That's just a guess on my part I'd sure like to see it for my self. Magnify it for a better look.


  1. Oddly enough I remember see this and think OMG that's Rom!! That's too funny I can tell you I use to pick up a lot of comics back in the day!

  2. As for the render Wow I would love to see the rich colors of that up close too! Amazing style in both their looks very Impressive take on these characters!!

  3. aw man talk about knocking me off my cloud on the cameo. as it turns out a friend of mine many many years ago who had the issue pointed it out to me. i've tried finding it before on the net with no luck. but a few nights ago it almost fell in my lap as i was checking out someone else's blog who had an old posting about the Contest of Champions mini-series.

  4. I love the Crystar/ROM crossover pic. It captures the colors that the Crystar comics used to grab attention. Crystar was the first comic I ever bought...issue 6 I think, with Nightcrawler on the cover, and to this day it holds a warm fuzzy place in my heart. Thanks for posting this Dave.

    1. welcome back! by the way of the few issues of Crystar that i had number 6 was one of them although in my case it wasn't the very first comic i ever had.

    2. My Dad took me into our local shop when I was little, and let me pick out whichever one I wanted. I knew nothing about comics at that point except that my brothers always got them. I remember loving the way Nightcrawler looked. The bamf has always intrigued me.