Friday, January 13, 2012

Marvel - DC Team Up: ROM & Starfire of the Teen Titans

I can't take credit for this brilliant fictitious cover concept. I found it yesterday at Ya know it's ironic because right before this Rom / Starfire cover was posted at that blog site I was inspired to do something similar with Iron Fist & Bronze Tiger based on just having discovered that blog a couple days prior. See it here:
On a side note here, along with Amanda Waller's weight loss and Harley Quinn's cocktail outfit it seems that Starfire's rather open sexuality in the DC relaunch has become an issue of contention with some readers. I'm proud to say I'm not one of them I assure you and you can quote me on that! Left click on the Starfire cosplay photo image you'll be glad that you did trust me. Details are important after all. One more thing here, be sure to roll your mouse over the image at this link:


  1. You Gotta be Sh- ah kidding me Ha How funny is That I just posted my Starfire fan art of issue 17's cover I drew I just hadn't colored it and now you go bust out with this Beauty NICE find brother Ha!!

    It looks Fantastic And you already know I Love this scene from my Jack of Hearts Rom cover I drew of it!! This is so Hot Ha and Rom couldn't look better "Dammit Jim!!"

    1. knowing how much you were gonna love this was practically the first thing i thought about when i first found this.

  2. Ahh..Starfire. If she had been around Brandy wouldn't have had a chance. This is another character that I love, and I have no problems with her being agressive...anywhere. That girl does a decent Starfire...but I wish sometime someone would make one actually out of metal.