Sunday, May 27, 2012

Airbrushed ROM fan art for sale on ebay, but just for 3 more days. Plus some more none for sale fan art eye candy!

Apparently somebody made this by attaching a layer of pages from some ROM back issues onto either a board or fabric canvas and then spray painting the head shot image over that.You can find it easy enough on ebay by doing a key word search on the site (Rom spaceknight collage spray paint stencil original). The seller was nice enough to provide many close up photo images of it from different angles. It's going for $150 but it's only gonna be posted for 3 more days if you're interested.

Here's my latest find for Turbo fan art on Deviant Art. This is some pretty hot digital magic as you can see I bet this took a long time to do. Unfortunately I didn't have any luck getting in touch with the artist to get a couple of my questions answered.

Here we have some more stuff I found on Deviant Art. It's actually the top portion of a sketch that feature Deathlock, Rom and some unknown character. It's an all around good drawing but I cropped it because I really wanted to focus on the way ROM is drawn. That is some primo figure drawing going on there! The foreshortening, angle and proportions is excellent it's a damn shame it's not a more finished drawing. This is the kinda fan art I like to see and feature on this blog. I might have too do something with that ROM portion of this piece it has so much potential.


  1. Check out these funny strips I just found.

    1. i may have seen that before but i'll give it a look over a bit later. did you see my comment on Lee's latest posting? it looks like he made an over sight in his posting you and ~P~ missed. by the way i'm about to attempt to make a custom ROM t-shirt tonight wish me luck i really don't want to fuck this up i'm only gonna get one shot at this.

    2. I don't think it's an oversight as much as a topic of confusion. I've seen evidence of both mindsets and I'll go type further explanation over there now.

      Best of luck with your t-shirt, I really wanna see it!

  2. Yea I like this myself very well drawn I like the smooth style on Rom's image awesome point of view!