Monday, May 7, 2012

Starshine spaceknight custom action figure

This is something I found on Deviant Art. I do believe this is a first as far as custom spaceknight figures other then ROM himself. The following is from the artist:  
Hello. This is my custom Starshine the spaceknight action figure.She was made using a Marvel legends Mystique base figure.The costume details were sculpted using magic-sculpt.The head was altered using sculpt,the dremmel tool, and some simple hand sanding.Her ponytail is actually from a Marvel legends age of apocalypse sabertooth figure.The entire figure was primed in silver and then painted over in clear yellow to give her that glowing golden look.This was absolutely a labor of love.I hope you guys out there like her as much as I do.Thank you for checking her out! -Chris

So I'm curious what do you folks out there think about this?


  1. This is actually pretty cool a bit ruff on the detail but more that what I could have done! Plus its more than what we got Ha so I have to say I'm impressed.

  2. I agree, it is certainly rough on detail but it is nice to see fan inspired creations. I wish we had more, but since I can't even get my OWN art done, I certainly don't blame others for not creating Spaceknight stuff.

  3. Hello. I am Chris,aka custom777 on deviantart. I am the creator of this custom action figure. I would first like to thank Shlomo for posting my custom here! It's great to get feedback from real ROM fans! This was my first attempt at a Starshine action figure. I learned a lot during the process and my next classic armor Starshine should be a whole lot cleaner. I'm also planning on a new 7 inch ROM custom that will be comic accurate,and to accompany him,...Gladiator armor Starshine! So keep an eye out and feel free to check out my other customs at!
    Thanks again everyone!

    1. well Chris, when you get around to those projects we can feature them here too. thanks for the comments so far but i'd sure like to hear from some more people after all how many other custom Starshine action figures are out there?

  4. I was so happy to see this! Excellent to see Starshine in figure form. And a beautiful job, Chris. I can't wait to see the next one!