Friday, May 4, 2012

Coolest custom Torpedo & Turbo action figures you've ever seen and my finished fan art

Over the years I've lost track of how many custom ROM figures there have been found all over the internet. But with this latest find you see here this is now the fourth custom Torpedo action figure I've come across. That's pretty impressive considering the relatively obscure nature of the character.

What's even more impressive is that somebody else out there made a Turbo custom figures from both New Warriors volume 1 and 2. Unfortunately I didn't have any luck getting in touch with anybody about it. I guess in a way this kind of fandom isn't that surprising if you think of it in terms of the Torpedo armor it's self.

The 20 Year Legacy of the Torpedo Armor
The first user of the Torpedo armor was it's creator Michael Stivak who battled with Daredevil (1975). It was passed on to Brock Jones who also battled with Daredevil but in their final encounter fought a common foe (The Chameleon) as allies. Later Jones participated in the Defender for a Day contest and also fought the Rocketeers (Marvel Premier) on his own which eventually led him to becoming allies with ROM spaceknight. After Jones's death by the Dire Wraiths the Torpedo armor fell into the hands of a relative in the Jone's family Mike Jeffries. After a short stint it was passed on to Michiko "Mickey" Musashi both of which who used the armor under the code name of Turbo with The New Warriors. Ironically the final user of the armor was the Dire Wraith queen Volx (1996). So that makes 5 different users of the armor in 5 different Marvel titles over the span of 20 years in the Marvel Universe.

As you can see I went a little bit beyond the sketch when I started to color it. I just felt like it needed a little something extra added to the scene. This is a high res image so it does magnify when you left click on it.

Next up, another ROM related custom action figure you almost certainly have not seen before!

I'm adding a quick update to this posting because I saw the Avengers this morning. It turned out to be over all pretty good although I felt that some of the fight and action scenes along with Capt. America's head piece needed some fine tuning. I also think the Chitari concept could have been handled a little better but the entire cast did a really good job even though I still miss Edward Norton as Dr. Banner.


  1. I agree on the Norton thing I liked him better too but overall Wow especially the surprise at the end Wow They're going there!!

    These action figures are a work of art now that's what I'm talkin about! I never was crazy about the ones with the visible ball joints but these look Fan-Tastic and nice history on Torpedo & Turbo!

    1. Ed Norton is the man i'm we're on the same page with that. he was so awesome in American History X i can't imagine anybody else in that role. if you like these figures wait till you see what i feature next it's another one of a kind find.

  2. Nice job mate, and that Turbo figure is so awesome, I just might crack open a few old New Warriors stories later this arvo...