Sunday, May 13, 2012

Animation video of obscure superheroes with one silver spaceknight (Ptor you friggin rock!)

I wanna give some major props to Ptor of the Sanctum Sanctorum for finding this funny ass video! Yeah Ptor that last posting was for you . . I just kinda forgot to mention that it was for you. But I made sure to get it right on this posting. By the way, Dr. Strange is the chosen one. His real last name is Strangstein.   "Tamam Shud!" and Shalom


  1. I'd think of something witty to post but I'm laughing too hard.

  2. Oh I had to pass on this as well that was priceless!!

    1. just watched it i highly recommend it to the rest of you! too bad i didn't have some software that would allow me to make some simple animations like that. i'd be able to come up with some cool ass stuff.

  3. Those videos are hilarious. I think I just spent an hour going through them. Now I want to find what software they use to animate and create my own Rom videos.

  4. Ha glad everyone got a kick out of them, and I agree it would be wicked cool to just put our own stuff like that into play!

  5. hey guys, the Eclecticlee blog site (see blog role) posted some new ROM stuff today.

  6. I don't want to take credit for FINDING this cool vid.

    As I mentioned in my comment within a previous post (where I mentioned this originally), it was tweeted to me by one of my twitter followers.
    Someone named "FOX" @FoxFrames - just giving credit where it is due.

    But of course, I'll gladly take credit for passing it on to you guys.


  7. Humble as always, dear sir. :D