Friday, May 11, 2012

S.H.E.I.L.D, Dr. Strange, ROM & Starshine. Not The Avengers but also a mighty team up

ROM #2
I think most of you remember this awesome two page spread of this Dire Wraith assault on the SHEILD helicarrier in ROM #53. Over at the Suicide Squad blog there was some discussion about the new Avengers film and about how both the Marvel and DC Universe utilize their various government spy and black ops groups such as SHEILD or Checkmate. Dan from made a good point by mentioning that Marvel did a better job of integrating groups like SHEILD in it's universe then does DC. I think he's absolutely right because we can look to the relative success of the ROM title as an example. Did you know that Mantlo had established as early as ROM #2 a SHEILD presence in the book? A character known as agent Kraller was the Dire Wraith mole within SHEILD. It was never revealed how high up the Wraith infiltration of SHEILD was between Kraller's first appearance and his untimely demise a few issues later at the hands of his fellow Wraiths for being too arrogant and carelessness and ultimately having become a liability. But regardless, it was a good move on Bill Mantlo's part since that served to integrate ROM early on into the Marvel universe which no doubt had much to do with ROM's success with readers over the years. Later in the series the Dire Wraiths had favored a direct assault on SHEILD instead of continued infiltration tactics. That brought SHEILD into the Wraith War as they used their ESPER agents to psychically hunt Dire Wraith activities on Earth. Left click on the images to magnify.



  1. That splash page of the Heli-carrier was one of the best in the Rom series IMHO. I had hoped that the Kraller incident would have led to more exposure of the infestation of wraithkind but that didn't happen. It still baffles me that something that has so much potential for marketing as ROM languishes in the Limbo of Lawyers. Hasbro also made the G.I. Joe figures and it would just seem natural for a similar line of Spaceknights and, once again, the Rom story line seems tailor made for an epic movie.

    Make mine GALADORIAN!

    1. i think the Kraller character was in the series sufficiently enough to help establish ROM in the mainstream marvel universe early on in the series. the next bench mark for that was when ROM fought the Dweller which included a Dr. Strange flash back appearance in #5.
      as for ROM related merchandising and movies i'm afraid some custom action figures and Youtube videos is about as good as it's gonna get.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out mr - and another great post. What if ROM was hired by S.H.EI.L.D. to be both a Spaceknight and their liaison to the stars? ROM working for Fury? I mean it's only time before ol' one eye has to start involving the 'peace keeping' force in more cosmic events doesn't he? What a great guy to start with!

  3. ROM & DOC... nice.
    Feels like a blog post made just for me (even though I realize it isn't).

    But, seeing how it IS appreciated by me, one good turn deserves another.

    This was tweeted to me by a follower, I think YOU'LL like it a LOT.

  4. This was quite the event I wish it could have opened more doors!! In Some ways it did but not far enough but wow just the same!