Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Darkstar, Marionette & Sabra, making the 80s look even hotter!

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First appearing in Rom issues 45 and 46, Darkstar and the Soviet Super Soldiers would again be called upon to aid Rom along with most of the rest of Earth's heroes against the Dire Wraiths war conclusion in issue 65. In between we also see flash back like cameo appearances in the Rom series. Much more recently in 2010 a new incarnation of Darkstar again did battle with the Dire Wraiths in the 3 issue Winter Guard mini series which in part continued a story arc from Rom 45 and 46.

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Although never having crossed story lines with Rom spaceknight because of those stupid copy right agreements The Micronauts was another good title compliments of Rom creator Bill Mantlo. This Marionette Heromorph image is by artist Daswook.

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Another Marvel character I like that never crossed paths with Rom unfortunately but it should be noted that Sabra's first appearance in Hulk#256 was written and penciled by the same dynamic duo Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema that made Rom spaceknight one of my all time favorite comic book titles.

Because there was no photoshop in the 80s nobody did any of this kinda sexy fan art with the Darkstar, Marionette and Sabra characters. But still, when I came across these photo images it still made me feel pretty nostalgic (among other things) about the greatest decade in human history.
Speaking of nice airbrush jobs in photoshop you all haven't forgotten about this one of Turbo from last year right?


  1. The pics look great. I've been waiting on Sabra to show up more. Did I mention these are good pictures

  2. I go with Marionette every time!

    1. especially the Marionette from the second Micronaut series (New Voyages). the way she was drawn at least in the beginning of the series she practically looked like what i posted here. in almost half the panels with her she was practically falling out of that skimpy costume. not that i'm complaining :)

      OA1, check your email.

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