Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is that the Greatest of the spaceknights at a typewriter?

I want to thank Rick Hansen for finding this photo and giving me a heads up with the following message on Facebook: "This comes from Marvel Magazine Bizarre Adventures No. 30, which came out in 1981. Best I can tell, this is a picture of Dennis O'Neil and it precedes a lengthy story by – guess who – Boisterous Bill" Unfortunately the article which Mantlo co-wrote is not Rom related so this photo  is basically just a novelty.


  1. BUT!

    Somewhere out there is a Human Sized ROM helmet! I wonder who at marvel snaked that item. I know there was a full costume that more closely resembled the toy than the work of Buscema but it would still be fun to have.

  2. This photo looks like something someone took out of an old David Lynch film. Love it.

  3. Yeaaah we're goin' full-on obscurity here now! Just what I wanna see. Where else has ROM appeared in print way-back-when that a lot of people don't know about yet? Big thanks Rick & Shlomo for sharing this reference, I'd not found it yet, and love seeing it.

    Marvel Preview/Bizarre Adventures was pretty far down on my priority list of things to look through. Other Marvel magazines on that list, looking for ROM likeness or mention in:

    Crazy Magazine (I have and will eventually check thru ROM-era #57 thru #94, missing #65...I'll crack up if he's actually referenced in Crazy!),

    Fun and Games (I need to find someone with #6-13 that will search them for us...hey Dave, Torpedo appears in #1!),

    Howard The Duck (know about the Duckworld ROM toy in #6, wonder if there's more...I think I'm missing #1&2),

    and Blip (y'never know, y'never know...)!

    Please, if anyone has searched these already specifically looking for ROM, or can do that, let me or Shlomo know!

  4. thanks for the feed back guys i'm glad you're all diggn this vintage photo. when fans out there share, exchange and contribute info., art work and ideas we all benefit.

  5. Here's a question about the helmet...can he actually see out of it?
    I'd like to see someone make one today that actually glows red in the eyes. That would be sweet.

  6. I have put getting these Marvel Preview Presents and Bizarre Adventures (and the like) issues at the top of my priority list. Not only are there hidden gems like this, but the black and white art is fantastic and the stories have the greatest scifi ideas. I was thrilled when I found this picture.