Thursday, October 4, 2012

Now here's some ROM t-shirts I'd like to see

I came across some online mail order site for retro t-shirts that among other things feature a Rom t-shirt design that just consisted of a photo image of the Parker Brothers doll. It made me think what shame because there's so much other Rom imagery that would have made for a t-shirt I think many of us would prefer to have. So I just dropped some random fan art into these templates to see how they would turn out. I dunno about the rest of you all but I'd buy that for a dollar.


  1. Wow, that would definitely be fun. I wonder how many people would actually get it?

  2. thanks for the comments guys. can't say for sure how many people would order these. but i'd be seriously tempted the only problem for me is that i never buy clothing i can't try on first. nothing pisses me off more the something i like that doesn't fit me right.