Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On hiatus

Rom spaceknight sketch sheets by Manny Clark
Rom has such a simply designed head piece but that still doesn't mean that there isn't a right way and a wrong way to draw a serious and well done rendering of him. Often it has mostly to do with the "eyes". If you fuck up his eyes it tends to ruin the rest of his "face".This guy gets it. His style here is similar to that of legendary Rom artist Sal Buscema but it's just different enough to tell the two styles apart. Here's an example of how not to draw Rom's head:
I think this one could have been a great piece if Rom's head and eyes had been done better:

And if you haven't read it already Marvel Team Up #134 (1983) which  was written by Bill Mantlo can be read in it's entirety online here:
Highly recommended reading!
And with that I bid you all farewell for a while. I started a new job as a crew member a couple of weeks ago for an oil recovery vessel the San Francisco Bay. It's a temporary gig (till mid Dec.) but if all goes well it will lead to more long term assignments. So far it's going well and I'm learning a lot but the hours are taking some getting used to. I'm working 10 hour days and some weekends. Just last week I worked 58 hours. I'm just too burnt out for blogging right now and things have been pretty quiet here lately anyways so this is probably a good stopping point for now.


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    1. thanks bro, i'll probably be back whenever some cool shit comes my way again so you might want to check back here from time to time.

  2. That is some nice sketchwork. Makes me more motivated to get my Rom sketchbook started (waiting for a good paycheck). This is a great issue from the Bill Mantlo days, too. I picked this one up in a back issue bin a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Classic Spidey and a first-time meeting between heroes in the traditional Marvel style. Sorry that I won't see your cool postings for a while, but the job is good news. Be well, buddy.

    1. thanks Rick. i hope the Jack of Hearts 1984 mini-series i bought on ebay last weekend will turn out to be as satisfying as that Marvel Team Up issue.

  3. Thanks for posting that doll. I've never read that one, and it's a treat. Let me know how the mini series turns out.
    Stay safe and warm out there.

  4. well right now the ship i'm working on is being sand blasted and painted by the ship yard workers which will make it uninhabitable for a couple of days so it looks like i've got some unexpected free time. i've got some more stuff to post in the near future so stay tuned.